Over the years we've converted 100's of containers for our clients, although most shipping container conversions are relatively simple for us we can also complete bespoke projects from drawings.

We're interested in all shipping container conversion and container modification jobs, so if you need something a bit different please contact us.

Shipping Container Conversions

Shipping Container Modifications can vary massively, from small cosmetic modifications such as re-painting or adding a lock-box to improve a containers security, to large-scale shipping container modifications like installing additional doors, dry lining, installing electrics or plumbing. We've got loads of experience in the container conversion business, so why not give us a call to discuss your project. We'd love to share our experience with you and help advise on the best modification route for your own requirements. Some mods can be very simple, such as adding a window or side access door, some more complex such as installing electrics or insulation, but no matter what your requirements are - contact us - we'd love to help create your ideal container conversion.

If you would like a custom quote for your bespoke shipping container conversion job - get in touch with us!

Take a look at some of our recent shipping container conversions below.

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40ft with bespoke hosepipe racking

The client sent through a specification to follow, we manufactured a standard 40ft shipping container into a bespoke conversion with internal modifications along both lengths of the 40ft shipping container having hosepipe racking attached Read More

Lifeguard Lookout Station Across Beachfront Location

Life Guard Lookout Shipping Container Conversion Life Guard Lookout Shipping Container Conversion

We were approached from Hartlepool Borough Council who were exploring the option of using shipping containers. They were looking to convert 2no. 20ft shipping containers to use on Seaton Carew beachfront as a life guard look out station. Read More

Bespoke Purpose Built 24ft Half Height Offshore Container

Bespoke 24ft Half Height Offshore Container Bespoke 24ft Half Height Offshore Container

We were approached from a large Belgium offshore company, they were looking to solve a problem of storage for a large piece of equipment, so they were looking for something different. We manufactured a bespoke 24ft half height shipping container to solve this problem. Read More

Shipping Containers converted to include electrics

Most Common Conversion - A compilation of jobs that have included some form of electrics inside the shipping container conversion, if you are looking to convert a shipping container to include electrics we have examples of previous work we have done in this area. Read More

Modular Flat-Pack Office Units

We offer whats called a 'Flat Pack' office shipping container that is assembled onsite, the flat pack office container is modular and can be expanded by merging more flat pack containers together, thanks to its modular design. (Electric wires included) Read More

Vents-Shipping Container Conversion

Most Common Conversion - Vents in a container aid in ventilation and we have done a lot of jobs that needed vents from 1 to many vents we have done them all. The larger vents are used when more ventilation is needed (generator stores, fuel tank stores) Read More

Shipping container converted with Personnel doors and Fitted Windows

Most Common Conversion - A Breakdown of jobs that have been converted to have Personnel Doors and Windows Fitted. We will discuss the features of each product and the security behind them, and how we fit them to the shipping container. Read More

Internal Shelving Container Conversions

Most Common Conversion - Internal shelving incorporated into a shipping container are primarily used for storage for tools office equipment and archive storage. They can be wood shelving or metal shelving that can be manufactured to your desired size. Read More

Internal Caged equipment storage Shipping Container Conversions

Most Common Conversion - We get asked on a lot of our conversions from clients regarding internal caged storage. They are an ideal solution to secure equipment in individual lockable cages in the shipping container conversion. Read More

Internal Walls in Shipping Container Conversions

Most Common Conversion - A compilation of previous conversions that have internal walls and partition walls, we will discuss the conversions that have this modification and why people choose them and the benefits for having them. Read More

Reduced Width Shipping Container Conversion

Reduced Width Shipping Container Conversion

For the special cases where you might not have enough space for a standard shipping container we can reduce the width of a shipping container to fit into tight areas. The container has a section removed and is welded back together and creates a reduced width shipping container. Read More

Shipping Container Conversion Fitted as an Off-Shore Cable Splicing Cabin

Shipping Container Conversion Fitted as an Off-Shore Cable Splicing Cabin

We were approached by a client needing a solve a problem after discussing with our fabrication team and sales department we came up with a shipping container converted into an off-shore cable splicing unit. It needed to allow the cable to enter and leave the container. Read More

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