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40ft Used Shipping Containers

40ft Used Containers for Sale - UK Delivery

 40ft Used Shipping Container - External view with doors closed	40ft Used Shipping Container - External view with doors closed
 40ft Used Shipping Container - External side view with doors closed	40ft Used Shipping Container - External side view with doors closed
 40ft Used Shipping Container - External view with doors open	40ft Used Shipping Container - External view with doors open
 40ft Used Shipping Container - Internal view with doors open	40ft Used Shipping Container - Internal view with doors open

Used 40ft Container Features

  • External colours may vary
  • 27mm hardwood flooring
  • Sold in good quality used condition (10 – 15 years old age may vary)
  • Guaranteed wind and watertight
  • Fitted with 10 - 15no. ventilation ports
  • Constructed from high quality corten steel
  • Bespoke conversion work available on request
  • Delivery throughout the UK and collection across numerous depots
  • 40ft long, 8ft wide, 8ft 6” high (external) approx.

Key Information for Used 40ft Containers

20ft and 40ft are industry standard shipping container sizes, and are widely used for overseas goods transportation. Due to their popularity for shipping; they are usually the most cost-effective options for the resale market – hence why they are our most requested sizes and biggest sellers. Used 40ft steel containers offer the best cost per square foot for storage – so are a great option for anyone with enough space! 

At ContainerContainer we always have extensive stocks of used 40ft shipping containers throughout our UK depots and ready to be immediately delivered. 

40ft units have many uses, as with smaller sized containers they are ideal for on-site storage and goods transportation. 40ft containers are also becoming increasingly popular as a base construction material in many construction projects – so if you’re looking for a 40ft steel shipping container to convert into a home, a pop-up shop or swimming pool – look no further!

40ft Container Construction

A 40ft Used Shipping Container should last you 20 years plus, with little maintenance. This is down to the exterior material; shipping containers are manufactured from high-quality cor-ten steel. Cor-ten steel is a heavy duty, weathering, corrosion resistant steel which is ideal to withstand the harsh rigours of sea conditions. 

When we first receive a used/second-hand shipping container at one of our depots, they are inspected to ensure that they are fully wind and watertight; and are up to cargo worthy industry standard. The double doors will be inspected to make sure they are fully operational and that the seals that run around the double doors are fully intact to prevent any water ingress. The flooring of a shipping container is made from 27mm hardwood. 

Our 40ft Used Shipping Containers will be typically 10-15 years old from the date it was manufactured. They are usually used to transport cargo across seas for 10 years by leasing companies before being released for sale second hand. 

Our 40ft Used Shipping Containers are usually picked from our depots on a “next from stack” basis, so the external colour will be a generic shipping line colour, which may vary. 

If you require your used shipping container for shipping overseas, then we can update the details on the CSC plate. (Please advise us if this is a requirement when placing your order – a vaild csc plate is required for international shipping as it certifies that the container is strong enough to hold the cargo and be lifted onto/off the ship safely). 

40ft Shipping Container Dimensions


(Length Width Height)

12200mm x 2438mm x 2591mm


(Length Width Height)

12030mm x 2344mm x 2376mm

Door Clearance Dimensions

(Height Width)

2310mm x 2280mm

Used Shipping Container Security

To add to the security of your 40ft used container, we can provide a lock box (a lockbox is a steel box welded onto the double doors that will enclose a padlock – making the container/and lock more tamper-proof). We can also supply a high-security padlock to fit the lockbox (if required), but it will take most universal padlocks. 

Shipping Container Delivery

Your 40ft Used Shipping Container will be delivered on a HIAB assisted vehicle that will be delivered on the stated day that is agreed from the ordering process. We will lift the container to the ground, in a location that you need itAlternatively, if you have offloading facilities onsite like a forklift, we can deliver a 40ft ‘One Trip’ Shipping Container on a ‘flat load’ basis (articulated vehicle without off-loading equipment). This will also reduce the cost for delivery of the 40ft container.  

Please provide us with your exact delivery postcode – we need this to calculate delivery costs, which will vary depending on the location. 

If you have your own transportation and would prefer to collect your container from one of our depots, please let us know where you want to collect from (or where you’re located and we’ll price based on that). 

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