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40ft New One Trip Shipping Containers

New 40ft Shipping Containers for Sale

 40ft New ‘One Trip’ Shipping Container - External view with doors closed	40ft New ‘One Trip’ Shipping Container - External view with doors closed
 40ft New ‘One Trip’ Shipping Container - External view with doors open	40ft New ‘One Trip’ Shipping Container - External view with doors open
 40ft New ‘One Trip’ Shipping Container - External front view with doors open	40ft New ‘One Trip’ Shipping Container - External front view with doors open

New 40ft Container Features

  • Available in blue or green external (colours may vary)
  • 27mm hardwood flooring
  • Sold in new ‘one trip’ condition
  • Guaranteed wind and watertight
  • Fitted with 10 - 15no. ventilation ports
  • Constructed from high quality corten steel
  • Fitted with a high security lock box as standard (lock not included)
  • Delivery throughout the UK and collection across numerous depots
  • 40ft long, 8ft wide, 8ft 6” high (external) approx.

Key Information for New 40ft Containers

All 40ft (40ft long x 8ft wide x 8ft 6 inches tall) New ‘One Trip’ Shipping Containers are manufactured in China and have one cargo to the UK before being resold. This ‘one trip’ to the UK explains the term often used to describe new steel shipping containers, which are still in excellent ‘as new’ condition. 

New 40-foot units are ideal for cost-effective secure storage – they are wind and watertight and have good quality door seals to provide an ideal storage environment. If you’re looking for 66.83m3 of secure storage – you’ve just found it. 

If you require your New ‘One Trip’ Shipping Container for shipping overseas, the original CSC certification lasts for 5 years from the date of manufacture. The manufacture date is clearly stated on the CSC plate which is on the double doors of each container. CSC certification can then be extended after this initial 5-year period.  

For more information on the dimensions and weights of a 40ft container, such as gross weight, tare weight and max payload - see our dimensions page here.  

40ft Container Construction

40ft containers and 20ft containers (20ft x 8ft x 8ft 6inches) are considered within the industry as the standard shipping container sizes. These new units are manufactured using high quality corten steel which is corrosion resistant and designed to stand up to the harsh rigours of sea conditions. Heavy duty corrosion resistant steel makes the units cargo worthy for as long as possible. On top of this, the containers are also painted to protect the steel as much as possible and extend the containers lifespan. 

Internal flooring is formed from 27mm heavy duty hardwood. The external paint colour is usually green or blue, but may vary, if you need a specific colour please let our sales team know when you make your enquiry. 

40ft Shipping Container Dimensions


(Length Width Height)

12200mm x 2438mm x 2591mm


(Length Width Height)

12030mm x 2344mm x 2376mm

Door Clearance Dimensions

(Height Width)

2310mm x 2280mm

New Container Security

The new units that we sell are fitted with a lockbox on the double doors as standard. This is a metal box welded on the double doors to enclose a padlock, thus making it less tamper-proof. If required, we can also supply a high-security padlock.

Container Delivery Info

Unless otherwise specified, we will deliver your container on a HIAB assisted articulated vehicle and the delivery driver will lift the unit to the ground where you need it, read more info on our delivery processAlternatively, if you have offloading facilities on site like a forklift, we can deliver a 40ft ‘One Trip’ Shipping Container on a ‘flat load’ basis (articulated vehicle without off-loading equipment). This will also reduce the cost for delivery of the 40ft container.  

Please provide us with your exact delivery postcode – we need this to calculate delivery costs, which will vary depending on the location. 

We always have extensive stocks of 40ft New ‘One Trip’ Containers available throughout the UK ready for immediate delivery, along with 20ft units these are one of our most popular products. 

If you have your own transportation and would prefer to collect your container from one of our depots, please let us know where you want to collect from (or where you’re located and we’ll price based on that). 

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