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Shipping Container Office Conversions

Typical Applications

Exhibition Unit
Moveable Sales Office
Mobile Classroom
Construction Site Office

Design your own container office conversion

Our shipping container office conversions can be configured in many different variations, from very simple conversions to complex stand out structures. When designing your office container, please take a look at some of our previous conversions for some container inspiration, then contact us with your preferred specification.

About container office conversions 

Office container conversions can be used across all industries, with the container providing a suitable internal space that can be customised to its application. The various applications shipping container offices can be converted for is always growing, with secure offices for built for construction sites. However, they have progressed into so much more with high end modifications for classroom spaces and sales offices for numerous housing development sales offices. 

Furthermore, the ‘office container’ is even being used for trade shows and exhibitions for stand out trade stands. Office space can be a luxury space and a simple structure that also has the security that a container brings. 

Since the Covid 19 pandemic working from home has become a necessity for a huge number of people in the UK, if you’re looking for an outdoor office solution then a shipping container office conversion could be just what you need.

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