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New ‘one-trip’ Shipping Containers

New ‘one trip’ container sales in the UK

Our standard new-condition and specialised ‘one-trip’ containers are sold throughout the United Kingdom.

We sell new containers in the industry-standard sizes; including new 20ft and new 40ft containers. We also source a wide range specialised container sizes/types including both 20ft high-cube and 40ft high-cube containers. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for on our website, please contact us, our sales team would love to help find you a container that meets your requirements.

All of our new products are in excellent condition, they’re wind and water tight. Our delivery prices will vary slightly depending on your location i.e. the distance you are from one of our depots. Delivery costs are also impacted by your unloading requirements when we drop-off your container. Please let us know if you are able to unload your container as this will likely reduce the price we are able to offer! We don’t expect most customers to have the equipment required to safely unload a container, so as standard we’ll quote with unloading included! Please see our delivery page for more info on container delivery.

We want to make buying a new container from us easy, if you have any concerns or questions, give us a call.

Where are new containers bought from?

Our new container stock is bought directly from our suppliers in the far east. New units are transported into the UK on container ships with some ‘clean’ cargo (to reduce the shipping cost), they’re then sold as new ‘one-trip’ units. All new containers for sale in the UK have been used once – unfortunately, no one produces new containers here. One-trip units are still in excellent as-new condition, they’re wind/watertight and will have only very minor cosmetic imperfections. Most new units are suitable for shipping, the only exception to this being some purpose-built storage units (if the product mentions shipping then it’s suitable).

How is the price of a new container calculated?

The new sales prices that our sales team are able to offer are calculated based on several factors as detailed below. The cost of new containers does fluctuate up and down, mainly depending on local issues in the far east where they’re produced. Over the past few years the cost of new containers has steadily increased, and we do expect this to continue, so there is no better time to buy a new container.

Your Delivery Location – this will affect our delivery costs. We always try and keep delivery costs as low as possible, but the cost will largely depend on the distance your location is from one of our depots. Collection from one of our depots is also a great way to reduce the overall cost of your new container.

Your Offloading Requirements – this will determine which type of vehicle we need to deliver your container on – if you can offload the container when it arrives we’ll use transport without a HIAB so the delivery will cost less!

The Number of Units you require – if you are looking to purchase more than one container our sales team may be able to offer you each container at a slightly reduced price as we may be able to reduce the delivery costs per unit. If you’re a business looking to bulk order containers, we may be able to offer a reduced rate for bulk purchases or b2b container sales.

The Base Container Cost – the price we are able to offer our customers largely comes down to the price at which we are able to bulk buy in our new containers. We always try and offer the lowest prices possible.

Competition in the UK Market – as with all products, the market always determines a competitive price! If our competitors are selling at a significantly lower price than we can offer, we won’t sell many containers! We do everything we can to offer our customers the best possible price.

Preparing for your new container delivery

Click here for more info on our container delivery process or take a look at our FAQ section here for more info on preparing your location ready for the arrival of your new container(s).

Converting new containers

Our team also offer a container conversion service – new containers provide a great blank canvas as a starting point for many conversion projects including site offices or retail units, their new condition reduces the amount of re-finishing work required (depending on your preferred finish). Take a look at our conversions section for more info.

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