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Popular Shipping and Storage Container Questions

Questions on Shipping Container Delivery

How do I get my container delivered?

Do you deliver nationally?

Do I need planning permission to site a container?

How long does it take to get a shipping container delivered?

Are there any restrictions on delivery?

Can I arrange collection of my shipping container?

Container Conversion Questions

Do you modify shipping containers?

Do you buy back containers that have been modified?

What size containers do you modify?

How long do container conversions take?

I have a large project in the pipeline would you be able to handle a large project?

Can you help me bring my idea to life?

Container Care Related Questions

Are shipping containers affected by condensation?

Do shipping containers require maintenance?

Are shipping containers wind and watertight?

What is the best surface for positioning a shipping container?

How do you open and close a shipping container?

Can you paint a shipping container?

Container 101 - Basic Container Questions

How heavy are shipping containers?

How old is a used shipping container?

What are shipping containers?

What are shipping containers made of?

What is the expected life of a shipping container?

Where would my shipping container have come from?

Are shipping containers wind and watertight?

How do you stack shipping containers?

What are shipping containers used for?

Questions on Container Security

How secure are shipping containers?

Do you sell locks for shipping containers?

How do I secure a stacked shipping container?

How do I use a slimline lock box?

Container Sales Questions

Do you buy back containers?

How can you spot one of your containers?

Why buy from ContainerContainer?

What if I need a particular size that isn’t a standard container?

Do I get discount if I order more than one shipping container?

Do you offer a guarantee on shipping containers?

How can I pay for a container?

Questions on our Container Hire

Is there a minimum hire period I can hire the container for?

Do you hire nationally?

Can I hire more than one shipping container from you?

Do you hire containers on a long-term basis?

What size containers do you hire?

How easy is it to arrange a container hire?

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