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Self-Storage Conversions

Typical Applications

Container Multistore
Self-Storage Office
Mains Electrical Storage Unit
Dual function office / storage
Chemical Store

Configure your own storage solution containers

Container conversions fothe self-storage industry can be customised in various ways. Maybe you require an onsite office or various bespoke container stores, our team will help you visualise and develop your storage fleet. 

About self-storage container conversions 

Self-storage companies can utilise shipping containers for more than just the standard storage container. Container conversions can open new dynamics in the self-storage industry, from fabricating multistores to add smaller stores to your storage fleet from larger containers, to installing internal electrics to offer stores with power for added customer value. 

Self-storage solutions have been using shipping containers for years and the inclusion of conversions have unlocked new possibilities for the storage industry. 

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