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20ft New High Cube Shipping Containers

20ft New ‘One Trip’ High Cube Containers for Sale

 20ft New ’One Trip’ High Cube Shipping Container - External view with doors closed	20ft New ’One Trip’ High Cube Shipping Container - External view with doors closed
 20ft New ’One Trip’ High Cube Shipping Container - External view with doors open	20ft New ’One Trip’ High Cube Shipping Container - External view with doors open
 20ft New ’One Trip’ High Cube Shipping Container - External side view with doors closed	20ft New ’One Trip’ High Cube Shipping Container - External side view with doors closed

New 20ft High Cube Container Features

  • Available in blue and green (colours may vary)
  • 27mm hardwood flooring
  • Sold in new ‘one trip’ condition
  • Guaranteed wind and watertight
  • Fitted with 10 - 15no. ventilation ports
  • Constructed from high quality corten steel
  • Bespoke conversion work available on request
  • Delivery throughout the UK and collection across numerous depots
  • 20ft long, 8ft wide, 9ft 6” high (external) approx
  • Ideal when extra storage height is required

Key Information for New 20ft High Cubes

NEW 20ft ‘One Trip’ High Cube Shipping Containers available for delivery throughout the UK. These units are 9ft 6in high as opposed to the standard 8ft 6in, giving an extra 12 inches of internal height which is useful when extra height is required. 

Providing an extra foot (12 inches) of headroom, high cube units are a great choice for storage and conversions as they make standing inside the container more comfortable, especially if you plan on lining the container as installing internal cladding will generally reduce the internal space by 3-6 inches (depending on which materials you choose to use). 

High Cube units are often used for transporting and securely storing machinery including generators and also equipment such as diggers – where additional height is required. 

The price of High Cube units does fluctuate quite regularly, and depends largely on the quantity of units available at the given time. High Cube units are less common than standard height units – so the price of an individual high cube is usually higher than the equivalent length standard height container. 

To provide you with an accurate quotation, we require your exact delivery location (postcode) at the enquiry stage. This will enable us to establish the best container depot to select your container from and also provide an accurate delivery price. 

20ft High Cube Container Construction

As with standard shipping containers, high cubes are manufactured using high quality cor-ten (corrosion resistant tensile strength) steel which is designed to stand up to the harsh rigours of sea conditions. New containers are manufactured in China and have one clean cargo over to the UK before being sold on. This explains the term ‘one trip’ often used to describe new containers. 

Internal flooring can vary slightly but is typically formed from 27mm hardwood. The external paint colour is usually green or blue, but this may also vary depending on the shipping line – if you need a specific colour please let us know when you enquire. 

If you require your unit for shipping overseas, the initial CSC certification lasts for 5 years from the date of manufacture. The date of manufacture is clearly stated on the CSC plate on the double doors. CSC certification can be updated after this initial 5-year period if required, certification verifies that the containers construction is adequate to transport goods safely and up to a stated weight limit. 

The cubic capacity of a 20ft High Cube Container is approximately 37.30 m3 or 1317.237 cubic feet (this will vary slightly depending on construction methods and flooring used). 

20ft High-Cube Container Dimensions


(Length Width Height)

6058mm x 2438mm x 2900mm


(Length Width Height)

5898mm x 2344mm x 2690mm

Door Clearance Dimensions

(Height Width)

(2580mm x 2280mm)

New High-Cube Container Security

Your container can be provided with a lockbox, this is a steel box welded onto the double doors to enclose a padlock thus making it less tamper proof, we can supply a high-security padlock if requested. Other customisations such as external painting or internal dry lining can also be carried out depending on your intended use for the unit. 

Shipping Container Delivery

Delivering a high cube unit is much the same as a standard height unit, unless otherwise specified. Wwill deliver on a HIAB assisted vehicle (we will lift the box to the ground where you need it). 

You can also collect your unit if you have the capability to do so – this will reduce the overall cost (as we won’t charge you for delivery). If you are able to collect, please let us know during your initial enquiry. For delivery, please provide us with your delivery postcode on the enquiry form below. 

We generally have extensive stocks of new 20ft High Cubes in the UK, ready for immediate delivery. Please fill in our enquiry form below for a personalised quotation, including any questions you may have regarding delivery or the units themselves. 

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