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Specialised Shipping and Storage Containers

New and Good Quality Used Specialised Containers for Sale

We offer a large range of specialised shipping containers to suit your specific requirements. Whether this be different door configurations, temperature controlled units or containers designed for offshore use, you’ll find what you require in this section.

Full Side Access Containers / Open Sider Shipping Containers

Full Side Access / Side Opening Shipping Containers come in 20ft and 40ft lengths. These specialised containers are fitted with bi-fold doors along one entire side to give you full side access, in addition to the original cargo doors at one end. These containers are great where additional access to the unit is required.

Tunnel Shipping Containers

Tunnel Shipping Containers come in 20ft and 40ft lengths. They are fitted with cargo double doors on both ends. This forms a tunnel structure when both sets of doors are open.

Tunnel containers can still be used for international shipping as the container’s structural strength is not reduced by installing the additional set of double-doors.

Open Top Shipping Containers

Open Top Shipping Containers are available in both 20ft and 40ft lengths, they’re designed for transporting or storing cargo that needs to be loaded via crane or won’t easily fit through the end doors on a standard cargo container.

Open-top containers usually come with a tarpaulin roof as standard, but they are available with a hard-top option.

Reefer / Refrigerated Shipping Containers

Reefer Shipping Containers usually come in 20ft and 40ft lengths. Refrigerated containers can regulate temperatures between +/- 25 degrees and are ideal for temperature-controlled storage.

These specialised containers can be used for shipping food or other temperature-sensitive produce or they can be used for storage – for example as a food chiller.

Flat Rack Shipping Containers

Flat Rack Shipping Containers are available in 20ft and 40ft lengths as standard. Flat Rack shipping containers are perfect for loading oversized or heavy cargo that wouldn’t otherwise fit in a shipping container with fixed walls or sides.

Flat-racks are commonly used to transport heavy machinery, the vehicles are driven or lifted onto the container then transported by crane onto a larger vessel for long-distance transportation.

Half Height Shipping Containers

Half Height Shipping Containers are generally used for carrying heavy cargo, they’re constructed with an open top for easy loading and are half as tall as a standard shipping container to optimise space. They’re constructed using higher density steel than standard containers (as per DNV containers).

Half-height containers can be stacked one on top of another using less space than full height containers would require.

Offshore DNV 2.7-1 Shipping Containers

DNV 2.7-1 Shipping Containers are generally built for the offshore market (they’re often referred to as off-shore containers), they are constructed using a higher density, heavy-duty corten steel, making them more durable and increasing their lifespan.

Although designed for offshore use these containers can also be used for storage in other locations where environmental factors would require them to be used.

We can also supply certified slings used to reliably and safely lift these containers into position.

Sanity Cabins – WC5 (Single Toilet Container) & WC8 (Double 1+1 Toilet Container)

Our range of Sanitary Cabins are new builds in either single or dual configuration, included in each cabin is a single toilet and a wash basin.

Flat Pack Storage Containers

Flat Pack Storage Containers units are designed for flexibility and durability, they’re easy to erect and dismantle, and ideal for secure storage – especially if it needs to be man-portable.

These secure anti-vandal storage units are designed to be positioned in locations with limited access or space, and don’t require any heavy equipment for delivery or construction.

We sell flat packs in 3 different sizes and in either a galvanised or powder coated finish.

Towable/Mobile Catering Units

These mobile catering containers are purpose build units available in 2 sizes – 12ft and 16ft long. Designed to be towed by a small 4×4 vehicle (fitted with a standard tow-bar) these units can be easily transported from one location to another, and lowered to ground to begin service.

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