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New 10ft Storage Containers

10ft New Containers for Sale with UK Delivery

 10ft New Build Container - External view	10ft New Build Container - External view

New 10ft Container Features

  • Available in blue and green (colour may vary)
  • Guaranteed wind and watertight
  • 20mm hardwood flooring
  • Sold in new build condition
  • Delivery throughout UK and collection from UK depots
  • Constructed from high quality steel
  • 10ft long, 8ft wide, 8ft 6” high (external) approx.

Key Information for New 10ft Containers

At 10ft long (the largest of our small containers) our 10ft new shipping containers offer a great secure storage option for motorbikes or mopeds, with the average bike measuring 8ft 2in long. These units provide sufficient internal storage capacity to securely store your personal possessions such as bikes or gardening equipment, they’re also small enough to be moved as/when required and don’t take up too much space.

All sizes, dimensions & weights are correct at the time of posting, but can occasionally differ slightly – for further information please contact us.

10ft Container Construction

These 10ft ‘New Build’ Containers are of new manufacture and built using high-quality corrugated steel. They have double doors at one end. The flooring is formed from 20mm hardwood. Generally green or blue externally. They measure 10ft long, 8ft 6 inches tall and 8ft wide.

These 10ft containers are ideal for small spaces as they’re much smaller than a standard 20ft shipping container (exactly half as big!). 

We always have extensive stocks of these containers throughout the UK and are ready for immediate delivery. 

10ft Storage Container Dimensions

10ft x 8ft x 8ft 6” (approx.) new build storage container dimensions and weights.


(Height Width Length)

2591mm x 2438mm x 2991mm


(Height Width Length)

2376mm x 2344mm x 2831mm

Door Clearance Dimensions

(Height Width)

2310mm x 2280mm



10ft New Build Container Security

Your container can be provided with a lock box (steel box welded on the double doors to enclose a padlock thus making it less tamper proof), a high security padlock, painting and many other extras are also available if required. 

Due to the base construction material (corrugated steel), these units offer a significant security improvement over a standard (wood) garden shed.  


Unless otherwise specified, we will typically deliver your shipping container on a HIAB assisted vehicle (we will lift the container to the ground where you need it). Please provide us with your delivery post code on the enquiry form. 

As these containers are smaller than standard 20ft or 40ft shipping containers – we may opt to deliver them to you on a flatbed and locate the container using a forklift. If you have any specific requirements for locating your container on site – such as restricted access, or you are wanting to locate the container a significant distance from where the truck/trailer can access, please ensure you make us aware of this during the enquiry. 

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