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Retail Conversions

Typical Applications

Pop-up Retail Shops
Coffee Shops
Outdoor Food Kiosk
Event Merchandise Stalls
Barber Shop

Design your own retail container conversion

There are many different designs for retail containers, that can be created in a range of sizes.

Your own retail conversion design will depend on many specifics that only you will know, how big is your location? how much internal space do you need? etc.

We let you design your conversion, then you can contact us with your preferred design, then we can build your conversion to match your requirements.

About retail container conversions 

With the evolution of the high street shop, shipping containers have become a mainstay in the retail industry. The use of containers has grown and have been used for lots of start up businesses as a retail HUB. The retail space can start from a single container and can develop into a container complex. 

Developing the retail industry using shipping containers have progressed and retail containers are being seen across the UK and the world, the container have helped shape the retail industry going forward.  

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