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Our range of CISA locks are ideal to be used with our shipping container slim line lock boxes (fitted as standard on new ‘one trip’ shipping containers and can be installed to used containers). The lock has a hardened steel body and sliding shackle resulting in a high security container lock, each lock comes with 2 keys.

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An Absorpole absorbs moisture that may be taken into a container and stores the absorbed moisture within its body. Designed to fit into a section of corrugation and attached onto the lashing rings with its hanging hook built into the Absorpole.

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Container Shelving

Shipping containers can be fitted with internal shelving; we have 2 different options including heavy duty bolt-less shelving and quick fit hanging shelving. Ideal for storage for tools, archives and much more.

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Twist Locks

Twist locks also known as stacking pins are designed to secure stacked shipping container. 4 twist locks are installed in each of the top container corner casts and another container is lowered on top and secured with the twist lock mechanism.

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Slimline Lock Box

A slimline lockbox can be fitted to our range of used shipping containers. The lock box is welded in place on the container cargo doors and provides a protective shroud over a lock. Once in place the lock is applied from the base of the lock box.

Please note, new ‘one trip’ shipping containers come as standard fitted with a slim line lock box.

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