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Shipping and Storage Container Uses

Common Shipping Container and Shipping Container Uses

Shipping containers have many uses and are widely used in the shipping and storage industries. The shipping container conversion market is also growing year on year as both companies and individuals recognise how versatile the basic shipping container can be, after modification.


Using Shipping Containers for Shipping

If you’re looking for a shipping container to ship goods overseas we’d recommend either a 40ft or 20ft shipping container, as these are the industry standard shipping sizes. If you plan to use your container for shipping, please let us know so we can ensure the container has the required CSC plate.

We offer new or used containers, our used containers are perfectly adequate for shipping (a used container could easily be used for several years for shipping without any problems), whilst new containers is an ideal option if you plan on using the container for many years and the visual appearance of the unit is important.

Using Shipping Containers for Storage

Secure storage is another common use for shipping containers, many of our containers are suitable for storage including standard height and high cube containers. Selecting the most appropriate size and type will depend on the amount of storage space you need and the amount of space you have available. Smaller containers are also popular for storage as they provide a significantly more secure option than garden sheds. Containers are commonplace on building sites – used for storing tools and building materials.

Our new Flat Pack Containers are also a popular storage option, as they are much easier to get in place when access to your location is limited. Sections can be manhandled into position allowing the container to be placed in much tighter locations than is possible using a standard HIAB crane.


Converting Shipping Containers for Catering

Catering conversions are becoming increasingly popular, take a look at some of our recent conversions which include a 10ft bespoke coffee shop retainer, 20ft pizzeria and a new towable catering container. Containers are an ideal option for a catering unit as they offer sufficient internal space for food production, whilst also allowing the unit to be secured when not in operation. We’ve converted several different sized containers for catering – ranging from small 10ft units up to full-size 20ft. Customisation usually varies depending on our client’s requirements, but the standard conversion involves dry lining the container, installing electrics and lighting, internal plumbing for a sink, and the installation of a serving hatch/window.

If you would like any more information on catering conversions, please get in touch!


Converting Shipping Containers into Exhibition/Promotion Stands

The humble shipping container can be converted into almost anything, it’s a great base product that can be converted for specialist use, an exhibition stand is a great example of what can be created – take a look at one of our recent exhibition stand conversions here

Using a shipping container as the base for an exhibition stand allows for easy transportation to and from the venue (usually via a HIAB assisted vehicle), convenient security of the unit during the event (overnight), security of the unit while in storage (between events), and all the benefits of a great functional unit whilst in use.

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