Over the years we've converted 100's of containers for our clients, although most shipping container conversions are relatively simple for us we can also complete bespoke projects from drawings.

We're interested in all shipping container conversion and container modification jobs, so if you need something a bit different please contact us.

Shipping Container Conversions

Shipping Container Modifications can vary massively, from small cosmetic modifications such as re-painting or adding a lock-box to improve a containers security, to large-scale shipping container modifications like installing additional doors, dry lining, installing electrics or plumbing. We've got loads of experience in the container conversion business, so why not give us a call to discuss your project. We'd love to share our experience with you and help advise on the best modification route for your own requirements. Some mods can be very simple, such as adding a window or side access door, some more complex such as installing electrics or insulation, but no matter what your requirements are - contact us - we'd love to help create your ideal container conversion.

If you would like a custom quote for your bespoke shipping container conversion job - get in touch with us!

Take a look at some of our recent shipping container conversions below.

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Production Line Maintenance Facility & Welding Booth for a Bottling Plant

Production Line Inline Maintenance Facility with Welding Booth for a Bottling Plant Production Line Inline Maintenance Facility with Welding Booth for a Bottling Plant

A large company based in Scotland contacted us for a bespoke shipping container manufactured to their specifications for an in-line maintenance conversion that was delivered on-site within 4 weeks of order confirmation. Read More

Bespoke 45ft High Cube Tunnel Container

A bespoke 45ft high cube tunnel shipping container that was built from a 40ft with 5ft added to the rear of the container. This container modification involved removing 1 set of the double doors, extending the container by welding in an extra 5ft section, and re-attaching the end/door section. Read More

10ft Container Converted to Generator Store

Shipping Container Conversion to House a Generator Shipping Container Conversion to House a Generator

A bespoke 10ft x 8ft x8ft 6" new build shipping container converted into a generator store that was manufactured to the clients specification finished in the clients colours and able to be mobile to be moved to multiple sites throughout the UK. Read More

Small Office Conversion for Car Dealership Sales Office

We were approached by a UK car dealership about a small office conversion that will be used as a temporary sales office. A larger shipping container was cut down, the double doors were replaced with an end panel - and a personnel door was installed. Read More

20ft Container Office Conversion

Bespoke 20ft Container Office Conversion Bespoke 20ft Container Office Conversion

This type of shipping container conversion is one of the most popular office conversions from a standard 20ft shipping container we get asked for from clients. This conversion we give a lead time of 3-4 weeks from confirmation of order. Read More

2no 16ft Shipping Container Conversions

Interior Design 2no 16ft Container conversion Interior Design 2no. 16ft Container conversion

We were approached from an Interior Design Company that was looking at using shipping containers as a way to exhibit their interiors at different locations. 2no. 20ft shipping containers were cut down to 16ft and modified to their specification, the client fitted out the containers Read More

20ft Container Converted into 10ft for Display Purposes

A very strange shipping container conversion but we will build to your specification. The client wanted a 20ft shipping container modified to show a 10ft shipping container, this was to hide unsightly goods behind the false 20ft container wall. Read More

20ft New Shipping Container Converted to be Fitted with a Generator

We were approached from a local client needing a 20ft shipping container converted into a generator store. The container was lined internal and had external modifications fitted to house the generator the client fitted at the rear of the shipping container. Read More

Reduced Width - Purpose Built 16ft x 7ft Shipping Container

Our client had specification requirements that we needed to follow for this shipping container conversion as the client had limited space. It was purpose built to 16ft in length and 7ft in width, with internal modifications fitted Read More

40ft Biomass Shipping Container Conversion

40ft container conversion 40ft container conversion

Our client contacted us after speaking with us at a trade exhibition we exhibited at. They needed a Biomass shipping container, after discussing with the client we went with a 40ft high cube new full side access shipping container fitted with increased vents for ventilation. Read More

20ft New Shipping Container Converted into a Workshop / Internal Electrics

A 20ft shipping container converted into an on-site workshop for the client, a personnel door was fitted to allow staff to gain access. The container was modified internally with internal electrics and a workbench and under workbench storage. Read More

Container Converted for Public Event - LUMIERE 2015

Lumiere 2015 Shipping Container Conversion Lumiere 2015 Shipping Container Conversion

UK's premier Public Light Festival - Lumiere in-partnership with Durham Sixth Form contacted us regarding using 9no. new 'one trip' shipping containers as part of an art installation, that was seen by 150,000 visitors to the event. Read More

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