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Case Studies

Custom Built Container Conversion

Our client required a custom-built container to provide a secure location for internal equipment. The container was built to the client’s dimensions, we manufactured the

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Small Office Conversion for Car Dealership Sales Office

We were approached by a UK car dealership about a small office conversion that will be used as a temporary sales office. A larger shipping

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20ft Shipping Container Office Conversion

This type of shipping container conversion is one of the most popular – creating a moveable office building from a standard 20ft shipping container. Conversions

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20ft container converted into 50-50 COSHH store / Rigging Storage

We were approached from a local company to our head office in Sedgefield, who were exploring the option of a shipping container converted into a

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20ft Container Converted for Workshop

The client was looking at a simple conversion for a small personal workshop converted from a new ‘one trip’ 20ft shipping container, that needed space

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Bespoke Workshop Container Conversion

We were approached by an engineering company looking for a bespoke workshop container built to their specs. The container conversion customer requested a bespoke paint

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