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Bespoke Workshop Container Conversion

Key Facts

Size: 20ft new ‘one trip’ shipping container
Use: Workshop container
Location: Off-shore
Project Length: 5 weeks

The Conversion Brief

We were approached by an engineering company looking for a bespoke workshop container built to their specs. The container conversion customer requested a bespoke paint job externally, and bespoke internal modifications to allow the container to be used as a workshop at their site.

Breakdown of the Project

We were approached by an engineering company that required 3 different workshop containers for various uses and locations, we liaised with the company and had regular calls with the client about making the first workshop conversion to their specifications. The client was wanting a 20ft workshop with internal modifications, we sent over the prices for new and used shipping containers and the internal conversion and the client was wanting a new conversion. We used 1no. 20ft new ‘one trip’ shipping container for the workshop conversion.

The client was wanting the internal modifications as follows and we built the conversion to their specifications. The internal walls of the containers had ply board panelling throughout to create the workshop and more insulated. Once all the ply panelling is put into place the container needed to have internal electrics that included 2 strip lights to supply lighting throughout the workshop. There were also 3 x Three pin double plug sockets along one side of the container to be used when the client’s employees need to use the workshop for power assisted tools.

The workshop had a work bench bolted in place and a vice bolted to the work bench to use when needed. In addition to the work bench the client was wanting some internal shelving to be used to store tools on when not in use. Using a metal frame and 18mm thick boarding the shelving was bolted to the floor of the container throughout the remaining sides of the container. We made sure that there was enough spacing between the work bench and the internal shelving for employees to work.

On the specifications that we received; with the container conversion being used offshore the client needed a PVC curtain installed to keep out the different weather conditions whilst off shore.

We used 1no. 20ft new ‘one trip’ shipping container the majority of the modifications were internally, the external modifications that the client was needing was on the rear of the container we needed to add a flap for the cable entry for the internal electrics, and the double doors on the front of the container the right side door only needed the one locking bar but specially designed longer lever arm to open the door.

The workshop container conversion was finished in the companies desired colour scheme of a split body of white and red with two split colour bands of maroon and grey.

Conversion breakdown

  • 20ft new ‘one trip’ shipping container (20ft x 8ft x 8ft 6”).
  • cable entry point located in the rear 8ft corrugated panel including a lift up hatch cover.
  • Internally the container was ply lined, over 50mm rockwool insulation.
  • Electrical install throughout the container conversion included.
    • Surface mounted electrics.
    • strip lights.
    • stainless steel double sockets.
  • Heavy-duty 3-tier shelving fabricated from angle box section.
    • Bolted to the container floor.
    • 18mm boarding.
  • 10ft length workbench fabricated from angled box section was fabricated.
    • Bolted to the container flooring.
    • Additional storage shelf was added.
    • 6-inch vice was attached to the workbench.
  • PVC curtain install behind the cargo doors.
    • (Designed to keep the rigours of sea travel, as the workshop container was on a vessel. They wanted to keep the cargo doors open while in use but keep water out during the sea travel).
  • Externally the container was sprayed to the specified colour scheme.
    • The workshop container had 4no. colours painted to match the company’s corporate colours, in a split body paint co-ordination.

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