20ft shipping container converted into a workshop with electrics


Shipping Container Conversion Information

This was the second shipping container conversion that will go with the 20ft container converted into 50-50 COSHH store / Rigging Storage the two conversions were going side-by-side when in use at the specified depot. This conversion was an employee workshop. The modifications were similar to a previous conversion we did for another client in 2016. 

The modifications included 

  • 1no. external hatch and lockable cover for cable entry for electrics
  • Internally ply lined throughout the container
  • Internal Electrics fitted
    • 2no. Strip lights 
    • 1no. double 3 pin socket 
  • PVC Curtain fitted at the entrance to the workshop container conversion 
    • To keep weather out when in use
  • 3no. 3 tier secure caged storage welded in place
  • 3 tier shelving down the length of the left 20ft side panel, welded in place
  • Work bench and vice fitted with under counter storage and secure lockable storage fitted
  • Externally sprayed with company colours (and to match 1st conversion)#

The conversion was completed within approximately 6 weeks.

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