Workshop with Internal Locker Storage

Shipping Container Conversion Information

We were approached by an engineering company that was looking to use one of our shipping containers as a workshop. The client was wanting to be able to securely store equipment within the container and also it needed to be used as a workshop for repairs. We work closely with our clients, so we build our conversions as the clients want, the job needed a 1no. 20ft new 'one trip' shipping container as the main body of the conversion and had internal and external modification.


The external modifications on this workshop conversion were as follows; there needed to be a small aperture cut out at the rear of the container to be used as a cable entry. With the aperture cut out a flap was installed as no cables were being thread through. A second aperture was cut out on the rear panel that will be used to attach the air conditioning unit, this is not attached until delivery. This is because this conversion the client is shipping the conversion to a different country and when you ship you are not allowed to have any recesses or parts that overhung (this is why the aperture for the cable entry and air conditioning unit is covered with a removable panel).

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