New and Good Quality Used Storage Containers For Sale, Various sizes available - perfect to replace a garden shed!

Shipping Containers are ideal for storing items, that's why they're used on Container Ships to securely store cargo during transport throughout the world. Shipping Containers are made from heavy duty cor-ten steel, so when you compare this to an average garden shed made from wood or plastic, these units provide a much more secure storage environment.

Steel Storage Container Sales - Perfect for Secure Outdoor Storage

We sell a wide range of shipping containers that are great for secure storage - selecting the right size will ultimately depend on how much space you have, and how much storage capacity you need!

Using Shipping Containers for Storage

Most shipping containers are suitable for storage (the exceptions being open-tops and other specialist containers) - their construction is guaranteed to meet CSC shipping requirements, so they will definitely be strong enough for storage.

Not all storage containers are suitable for shipping - containers built only for storage are typically constructed in a different way to shipping containers, although both are constructed from steel - storage containers will typically use a lower grade steel.

In addition, storage containers are often manufactured in different sizes, and without corner posts - so they cannot be easily loaded or stacked on container ships. Most importantly they do not meet CSC certification standards - which is a must for shipping.

Our flat pack containers are great for secure storage, but cannot be used for shipping. Our small containers are another great option for storage, they're small enough for most residential settings offering great security.


If you have any questions or want to know if the container you're looking at is suitable for shipping - get in touch with our team.

We sell a wide range of shipping containers in both new and used conditions that can be used for storage.

The only difference between new and used units is their appearance and age. New units will look new, they will have fewer dents and scratches and the paint will look great.

Used units might have the odd scratch or dent and the original paint may look a little worn as they've previously been used. 

Both new and used containers will provide a dry secure environment for your items. Every unit we sell is checked to ensure its wind and water tight so it is suitable for storage.

Steel Containers are great for security

Steel Containers offer a great alternative to wooden sheds because of their increased security and more robust construction materials, to secure your container even further we can also install a lockbox. A lock box, combined with a strong padlock will ensure anything you store inside your container is secure.

You can store almost anything you like within your container - provided it'll fit, we've seen containers used for food preservation, storing cars, holding building material, tools etc. etc. we'll leave what you store up to you. 

Corten steel is designed to be corrosion resistant and long-lasting, so we'd expect any of our containers to last significantly longer than a standard garden shed! We offer storage boxes (containers) in various sizes to suit our customer's needs.

If you have specific requirements for your container or if you'd like a standard unit modifying to suit your needs, maybe adding a personnel door or window? then get in touch with us to discuss your project. We've converted loads of containers for many different storage applications in the past - so we're sure we'll be able to help. Storage conversions could include adding a side personnel door to make access to the unit easier, ply lining or installing shelving and racking.

We offer flat pack units which are a great direct alternative to a garden shed as they can be constructed on-site, these units are great if access to your location is limited.

Our Small Containers are also a great option if you've got limited space!

Are Used/Second-Hand Containers the best option for storage?

Used units will provide the cheapest option, with the standard sizes - 20ft and 40ft units offering the cheapest cost per square foot storage space, you can decide which size is best for you. There are some advantages to buying new

  1. Improved appearance (new containers look new!) - so if you need to make a great first impression, buying a new unit could be the way to go,
  2. Lifespan - although used containers should last 10-15 years from purchase a new containers will last even longer,
  3. Shipping - if you need to use your container for shipping items overseas then for storing your items abroad, new containers come with a valid CSC Plate and can be used for shipping goods overseas.

Selecting the best size container for you will depend on the amount of space you have available and the amount of internal space you need. Our containers range from small 6ft x 6ft x 6ft containers right up to 40ft high cube shipping containers so there are plenty of options to choose from. High Cube containers are great when you need extra height.

We also offer a container conversion service, some of our previous customers have chosen to partially convert their containers into workshops or site offices, combining that space with dry-storage, if you'd like us to help with the conversion just let us know.

Self-Storage Companies! Shipping Containers are ideal, that's why many self-storage companies use them to provide usable space to their customers. If you're looking to purchase several containers to set up a new or expand an existing site, get in touch as we may be able to offer you a better rate if you're buying multiple units.

Please contact our customer service team on 0844 561 7975, or enquire online if you have any questions regarding the best options to suit your needs.

Small New Build Containers - perfect for secure storage!

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