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20ft Used Shipping Container

20ft Used Shipping Containers

 20ft Used Shipping Container - External view with doors closed	20ft Used Shipping Container - External view with doors closed
 20ft Used Shipping Container - External view with one door open	20ft Used Shipping Container - External view with one door open
 20ft Used Shipping Container - External view with doors open	20ft Used Shipping Container - External view with doors open
 20ft Used Shipping Container - Internal view	20ft Used Shipping Container - Internal view

Used 20ft Container Features

  • External colour may vary
  • Sold on a ‘next from stack’ basis
  • Typically, 10-15 years old (age could vary)
  • Guaranteed wind and watertight
  • 27mm hardwood flooring
  • Sold in good quality used condition
  • Delivery throughout UK and collection from UK depots
  • Constructed from high quality cor-ten steel
  • 20ft long, 8ft wide, 8ft 6” high (external) approx.

Key Information for Used 20ft Containers

20ft containers are one of the two industry standard sizes, because of this, they are often the most cost-effective option when looking for a used container. 20ft Used Shipping Containers are amongst the cheapest shipping containers you can buy. We always have extensive stocks, available for delivery throughout the UK (or you can collect from our depots). Second-hand 20 foots are one of our most popular product as they offer superb cost per square foot storage and are great for conversion projects. 

20ft Container Construction

20ft Used Shipping Containers are manufactured using high quality cor-ten steel, which is designed to stand up to the harsh rigours of sea conditions. We would expect a properly maintained used container to last you in excess of 15 years from the date of purchase from us. Our second-hand shipping containers are typically 10 – 15 years old from date of manufacture, the double doors will be fully operational and the door seals fully intact to prevent any water ingress. Flooring is formed from 27mm hardwood.

Each container is usually picked from the depot on a ‘next from stack’ basis, so the external paint colour of each unit will vary.

If you require your used container for shipping overseas, we can update the details on the CSC plate. Please advise us if this is a requirement when ordering.

20ft Shipping Container Dimensions


(Length Width Height)

6058mm x 2438mm x 2591mm


(Length Width Height)

5898mm x 2344mm x 2376mm

Door Clearance Dimensions

(Height Width)

2310mm x 2280mm

All dimensions stated above are to the closest given from ContainerContainer and may be different in each container.

Used Shipping Container Security

To improve the security of a 20ft Used Container we can provide your container with a slimline lockbox. We weld the steel box onto the double doors to create a protective shroud over a padlock making it less tamper-proof. There are also high security padlocks available that partner the lockboxes.

Shipping Container Delivery

Unless otherwise specified, we will deliver your box on a HIAB assisted vehicle so that we can lift the unit to ground where you need it – if you are able to offload your container when we deliver it to your location please let our sales team know – this may reduce the delivery cost if we can deliver using a different type of vehicle. Please provide us with your exact delivery postcode when you enquire, and let us know if there are any access restrictions at or near your delivery location which could affect the delivery of your container. 

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