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Ean Parsons Austria Ironman 2017 - 4th May 2017 (8th Edition) - 04 May 2017


4th May

Probably the major thing in the past couple of weeks has been a 2-mile swim which I did before work in a time of 1:15:15 with no problems. I back to backed it with a short bike ride of 5 miles. I put in another back to back session on 30th April with a 12-mile run and a 28-mile bike ride and apart from some depletion I was OK. I'm using a 14.5-mile bike circuit to try and get my bike times down; I'm aiming for averaging over 15 mph in the Ironman so I want to be working above that now. My local routes are generally hilly but I am averaging 15 mph.It would be good to improve that in the remaining months and I've been tinkering with my bike position but I haven't got it right yet - I need to sort that out. Likewise, I'm trying to improve my swim pace and completed a mile on 2nd May in 35.00 which is an average of 32.6 secs per 25m which is 1½ seconds improvement but I'd like to get nearer 30 secs per 25m. 

With 8 weeks to go I've a couple of major things left to do; get into open water to check out my wet suit and also, I have one long bike ride of about 6 hours left to do. My running is picking up nicely without too much training and I'm hoping to increase any long run from 12 miles to 18 miles in May.


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