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Ean Parsons Austria Ironman 2017 - 20th April 2017 (7th Edition) - 20 April 2017


Pic of Nth Tyneside 10k

20th April


I’ve swam with Sedgefield 75 swimming club, coached by John Moore for about 15 years, going along to sessions before work. The sessions are a good work out and in the early days when I’d got to work I could feel my core muscles and knew I’d done a good session. As I’ve got used to the training I’ve not felt if for a while but I’ve realised the old familiar feeling has returned as I’ve increased the length of my long swims. At the end of the swim I feel I could do it all again, no problem but an hour later I know I’ve been there. The good news is that this week I took 3 minutes off my 2.5km time, getting down to 58 minutes. I did half Ironman last week in 42:28 which I’m happy with at this stage. I still need to get to open water and I should do that beginning of May.

I enjoyed a long bike ride from Sedgefield via Tow Law (and therefore hills) and the A68 up to Riding Mill and then along to Newcastle, covering 62 miles at 15 mph pace and then last Sunday I ran my only race of the spring (normally I do a few races in the spring) at the North Tyneside 10k in 46:05, 2 or 3 minutes slower than I’m used to but it I ran strongly at a reasonable pace and that was what it was about – though resting the day before and recovering for a day afterwards played with my mind a little bit.

I used the recovery day to sort out my position on the bike to try and increase speed and reduce back problems on longer rides and now I want to get in a few quicker rides of about an hour to sharpen for pace and I’ve one long endurance ride left to do before I start improving running endurance.


10 weeks left.

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