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Ean Parsons Austria Ironman 2017 - 15th June 2017 (11th Edition) - 15 June 2017



15th June 2017

Not Long Left!

I was in Scotland last week which meant I couldn’t follow the usual training week routine though I was on the bike 3 x 30 minutes and ran 3 x 30 minutes. I took my wet suit but the sea temperature of the West of Scotland was not appealing especially as water temperatures in Austria will be 20 degrees plus!

I’ve a few things left to tick off in preparation and before the event. I’ll be doing a mile in open water this weekend (17th June) and a 12-mile run in warm conditions which is good training for Austria where the temperature for the marathon is reportedly hot.

The bike is booked in for a service next week, the nutrition plan is coming along and next week I’ll start pulling my stuff together.

I feel like I’m running well. Swimming going good and I did my best half Ironman time in the pool this week (41:55).

I’m feeling confident on the bike and my ten-mile time-trial is respectable.

Tapering over the next couple of weeks is going to feel strange!


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