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We offer a wide range of shipping and storage containers for sale, so if you're looking for a shipping container you've come to the right place! Our most popular products are new and used containers in the standard 20ft and 40ft sizes. We also sell a wide range of specialised units such as high-cube containers, full side opening and DNV containers. We also modify containers, so if you can't find what you're looking for on our website please contact us, we're sure we'll be able to source or create the container you're looking for.

New and Used Shipping Containers for Sale in the UK

Our new and used steel containers are available for delivery to anywhere in the UK, but you can also collect from one of our depots if you prefer. Buying a container from us couldn't be easier, our prices do vary slightly depending on current availability, but, we'll always try and find you the best price. Please provide any specific requirements such as a preferred colour, tell us if you need for a valid CSC plate or have a required delivery date when you enquire.

We want to make buying from us as simple as possible, so if you have any questions or concerns please give us a call. You can also take a look at our how to buy a shipping container guide for more information.

Shipping Container Sales in the UK

Our containers are sourced from container ports, depots and other locations such as container self storage sites throughout the UK. We also buy units from large container ports abroad, so that we can offer a wide variety of products to our customers. All our new container stock is bought directly from manufacturers in the far-east as no new containers are manufactured in the UK. Most of our sales are standard 20ft and 40ft boxes, but we also sell a wide range of non-standard sizes and specialist units if you're looking for something less common. So if you're looking for a standard 10ft, 20ft, 30ft or 40ft container, give us a call.

If you're looking for a specialist container, such as a 20ft half-height container or for a container converted into a site office we can help with that too - take a look at our conversions page for some examples of our previous projects.

If we don't have the type of container you're looking for in stock when you call, we've got a network of industry contacts we can use to find one for you. We'll use our network to find you the best price we can, then get back to you once we know the best price we can offer, our aim is to offer good quality new and used containers at great value.

Our Shipping Container Pricing

The most common question we get asked is "How Much?" and unfortunately the answer is "it depends". Our sales prices change regularly so that we can keep up to date with the market and always offer customers the best price.

Our prices are calculated based on your delivery location, your off-loading requirements, the quantity of containers you need, the base box cost and the cost of any modifications you want, so it's hard for us to simply print an exact price without knowing your specific requirements.

Choosing the right container

Although new and used container prices fluctuate depending on supply, equivalent used wind and watertight units are always cheaper than new units, otherwise everyone would just buy new!

So depending on your requirements choosing a good condition, structurally sound, second hand shipping container could be worth considering. All our used containers are wind and water tight so you can be sure when your unit arrives it will be in good condition. Standard length containers are generally cheaper than non-standard units, e.g. standard 20ft units are often cheaper than smaller 10ft units and 40ft containers are often cheaper than smaller 30fts. This is because standard sizes are much more common, 20ft and 40ft containers are used on container ships more often - so there are always lots of these units available.

High cube containers are also worth considering, they are becoming increasingly popular. If you want a taller unit, high cubes offer an additional 12 inches of height compared to standard height containers. If you’re looking to convert your container into an office, workshop, storage unit or living accommodation, having an additional foot of headroom can make a big difference. High cube containers are typically more expensive than the equivalent standard height units. See our high cube container pages for more info.

Optional extras are also available, such as a secure padlock or a lock box fitted to the double doors, this will also contribute to the price we're able to offer.

How to Buy a Shipping Container from us

We want to make buying a container easy, to begin we need some information from you, we need to know who you are (so that we can contact you), what you want (so we can find you the best price) and where you want it (so we can work out the delivery cost or arrange for collection). Take a look at our how to buy page for more info.

For the majority of our container sales that's all we need, but if you require something a bit different, we are also happy to modify a standard container for you, the best way to start this process it to speak to our conversion team. Click here to see some example case studies of our previous container conversions then get in touch.

We've sold thousands of containers over the years, but we know that you could be buying your first - so if you do have any questions our customer service / sales team will be happy to help.

Give us a call and ask us questions or take a look at our website for more info. If you need any more info on dimensions, container weights or construction check out our dimensions page. Click here for more info on our container delivery process and take a look at our FAQ section for more info on preparing your location ready for your containers arrival.

For new containers check out our new containers page or our used containers page for used container information.

An Example New 20ft Shipping Container Delivery / Off-load.

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