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Vents-Shipping Container Conversion

The Conversion Brief

Most Common Conversion – Vents in a container aid in ventilation and we have done a lot of jobs that needed vents from 1 too many vents we have done them all. The larger vents are used when more ventilation is needed (generator stores, fuel tank stores).

Conversion Process

Shipping Container conversions, that include vents are becoming more and more desirable. They might only be vents but they are a necessity when it comes to shipping containers and shipping container conversions. Shipping Containers come with vents but for bigger jobs more and larger vents will need to added to help in ventilation. 

We have incorporated vents in various conversions we do, these include:

  • Generator Stores / Fuel Tank Container – With our generator stores we have done a lot of them and they all had various vents fabricated into them, for ventilation and cooling of the generator. 
  • Paint Stores - With the paint store that we do vents are necessary for ventilation to allow the container to ventilate the paint fumes out the container. 
  • Workshops - For container workshops similar to paint stores vents are used to ventilate fumes out the container from paint, tools fume i.e. grinding, welding. 

There are many different conversions that can be fitted with vents see our other conversions that we have done at the top of our conversion page, we can convert a container to have as many vents that is needed for your job. 

How they are fitted

To fit extra vents to a shipping container, (it is a similar process to personnel doors and windows) an aperture is cut out the panel of the container this can be in various sizes (to what is needed). Once the aperture is cut out a vent frame is spot welded in place to hold the vent in place until it is fully welded around the aperture. Inside the frame panels of corten steel is welded at an angle to create a vent. This is to allow ventilation around the contents of the container.  


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