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14ft Cut Down New Catering Container Conversion

Key Facts

Size: 14ft new container cut-down from 20ft new ‘one trip’ shipping container
Use: Catering container
Location: Cornwall
Project Length: 3-weeks

The Conversion Brief

A 14ft Catering Container Modification. For this project we created a 14ft x 8ft x 8ft 6in Catering Container Modification by cutting down a standard new ‘one trip’ 20ft container to the clients preferred dimensions. The unit was fitted with a serving hatch on one of the side panels and a secure shutter window, internally the unit was lined with MFC and work surfaces and electrics were installed.

Breakdown of the Project

Our customer enquired on a previous catering container that was produced for an established food establishment in 2017 for 2no. 10ft catering containers. The enquiry was quite vague at the start but after some discussions and various specifications for sizes and finishes for catering containers the customer provided a crucial measurement that we needed to stick to. The maximum length of the catering conversion could only be 14ft, this was due to onsite restricted space.

After the dimensions were finalised the customer provided a basic sketch with the internal layout and positioning of the serving hatch and window. There were discussions between the various people involved with the project to finalise the design and finishes but was signed off and we were able to start the fabrication work.

With the container being 14ft the container needed to be cut down from a 20ft new ‘one trip’ shipping container with an ISO new end attached, with the cargo doors left in situ. The specifications included a window with secure shutters that was installed that was to draw in natural light to the container. The serving hatch was a fabricated flat panel hatch that was gas strut assisted to provide the catering container rain cover for serving customers when the hatch was lifted up. The internal fit out was with wipe clean 9mm melamine lining with a bunded flooring and surface mounted electrics and a due sink system. The customer did not require the container painted a specific colour but we touched in the paint where the welding took place to match the colour of the container.

Once the container was completed, we sent the customer photos of the finished catering container and delivery was booked in and was delivered 3 weeks after the order was confirmed. The customer was happy once the catering conversion was delivered and sited onsite and continues to be a stand out catering establishment on the harbour front.

Conversion Breakdown

Below is a breakdown of the modifications that took place to produce the 14ft Catering Conversion

  • 14ft x 8ft x 8ft6″ cut down from a 20ft new ‘one trip’ Shipping container in Blue – RAL 5013.
  • Lined internally with 9mm MFC over 50mm Rockwool Insulation.
  • Aperture cut and 3m x 1.2m serving hatch fitted with shoot bolts in right hand side 14ft corrugated panel.
  • 1no. 910mm x 910mm window fitted with security shutter in 8ft x 8ft6″ corrugated panel.
  • Non-slip vinyl floor fitted on top of existing 27mm hardwood flooring.
  • Countertop worksurfaces fitted around three sides.
    • Including 2no. sinks and 2no. mixer taps.
  • Electrical Insulation fitted.
    • 6no. double sockets around the unit.
    • 2no. Strip lights.
    • 1no. Wall heater.
  • Trap door with secure hatch cover that can be removed for services including waste and water entry.

The container conversion was completed within 3 weeks from confirmation of order.

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