Shipping Containers are typically 8ft 6" high as standard. High Cube Shipping Containers are 9ft 6" high giving you an extra 1ft of height which can be handy when the standard height just isn't quite enough. Our New 40ft High Cube Containers are therefore 40ft x 8ft x 9ft 6". Available for delivery throughout the UK.

40ft New High Cube Shipping Container

40ft New High Cube Container - Blue
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Important Features of a New 40ft High Cube Shipping Container
New 40ft High-Cube Container Features
40 FT Long, 8 FT Wide, 9.5 FT High (external) Ideal when extra storage height is required
Construction Material Constructed from High-Quality cor-ten steel Sold in New One-Trip Condition NewCondition
Delivery Location Available for Delivery throughout the UK Collection Location Available for Collection from several UK depots
Other Services Bespoke conversion work available on request Internal Flooring Material 27mm internal hardwood flooring
Item Colour External colour may vary Guaranteed Wind and Watertight

New 40ft 'One Trip' High Cube Shipping Containers are available throughout the UK. 40ft High Cubes are 9ft 6in high, 8ft wide and 40ft long as opposed to the standard height containers which are 8ft 6in high, High Cube containers are ideal when extra internal height is required.

High Cube Containers are a great idea for secure storage as they provide additional height over standard height boxes. High Cube units provide approx 8 foot 10 inches of internal storage height.

40ft High Cube Shipping Container Construction

High-cube containers are manufactured using high-quality quality cor-ten steel designed to stand up to the harsh rigours of sea conditions.

Our New 40ft x 8ft x 9ft 6in High Cube Containers are manufactured in China and have one cargo over to the UK before being sold on. This explains the term 'one trip' often used to describe new containers.

Flooring is typically formed from 27mm hardwood.

The external colour is usually green or blue. 

If you require your container for shipping overseas, the CSC certification lasts for 5 years from date of manufacture. The date of manufacture is clearly stated on the plate on the double doors. The CSC certification can be updated after this 5 year period. 

The construction of High Cube units is exactly the same as standard height containers - they are simply 1ft taller to provide additional height.

High Cube Container Security

Your container can be provided with a lock box (a steel box welded on the double doors to enclose a padlock thus making is less tamper proof), a high-security padlock, painting and many other extras. Please contact our sales team if you have any questions regarding shipping container modifications. 

High Cube Shipping Container Delivery

Unless otherwise specified, we will deliver your shipping container on a HIAB assisted vehicle (we will lift the container to the ground where you need it), for more info on our delivery process take a look at our shipping container delivery page. Please be sure to provide us with your delivery postcode on the enquiry form below.

We generally have stocks of New 40ft High Cube shipping containers throughout the UK ready for immediate delivery. Please fill in our enquiry form below for a quotation.

2 x New 20ft Shipping Container Loading Video - Containers being loaded at our depot ready for delivery to a customer

40ft Shipping Container Types, Dimensions and Weights

Container Type Condition External Length External Width External Height Internal Length Internal Width Internal Height Weight* Cubic Capacity*
40FT Standard Height Container Used 40FT (12.18m) 8FT (2.44m) 8FT 6inches (2.59m) 39FT 9inches (12.11m) 7FT 10inches (2.39m) 7FT 10inches (2.39m) 3,470kg 2,387ft3 (67.6m3)
40FT Standard Height Container New 40FT (12.18m) 8FT (2.44m) 8FT 6inches (2.59m) 39FT 9inches (12.11m) 7FT 10inches (2.39m) 7FT 10inches (2.39m) 3,470kg 2,387ft3 (67.6m3)
40FT High Cube Container New 40FT (12.18m) 8FT (2.44m) 9FT 6inches (2.90m) 39FT 9inches (12.11m) 7FT 10inches (2.39m) 8FT 10inches (2.69m) 3,660kg 2,698ft3 (76.4m3)
40FT High Cube Container Used 40FT (12.18m) 8FT (2.44m) 9FT 6inches (2.90m) 39FT 9inches (12.11m) 7FT 10inches (2.39m) 8FT 10inches (2.69m) 3,660kg 2,698ft3 (76.4m3)
40FT Side Opening Container New 40FT (12.18m) 8FT (2.44m) 8FT 6inches (2.59m) 39FT 9inches (12.11m) 7FT 9inches (2.35m) 7FT 10inches (2.39m) 3,510kg *SO 2,387ft3 (67.6m3) *SO
40FT Open Top Container New & Used 40FT (12.18m) 8FT (2.44m) 8FT 6inches (2.59m) 39FT 9inches (12.11m) 7FT 10inches (2.39m) 7FT 10inches (2.39m) 3750 kg *OT 2,387ft3 (67.6m3) *OT
40FT Tunnel Container New & Used 40FT (12.18m) 8FT (2.44m) 8FT 6inches (2.59m) 39FT 4inches (11.98m) 7FT 10inches (2.39m) 7FT 10inches (2.39m) 3,490kg *TU 2,387ft3 (67.6m3) *TU
*OT - Open Top Container Internal Height, Weight and Cubic Capacity is affected by the removal of the solid roof
*TU - Tunnel Container Internal Length, Weight & Cubic Capacity is affected by the 2nd set of container doors added to the end of the contiainer. 
*SO - Side Opening Container Internal Width, Weight and Cubic Capacity is affected by the additional side doors added to the container.

Information is provided for guidance only, ContainerContainer do not accept any responsibility for any loss or damages resulting from use or interpretation of this information. Please contact us if you need exact measurements.

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