Small Office Conversion for Car Dealership Sales Office

Shipping Container Conversion Information

We were approached from a car-dealership in the North East of the UK for a shipping container converted into a temporary office for their sales office. The office conversion will be used while their existing branch is closed for maintenance.

The conversion was from 1no. 10ft used blue (RAL 5013) container. We were sent through the specification from the dealership, for the required features to be added in their designated areas. The conversion was cut down from a larger shipping container but instead of a new set of double doors added there was a flat end welded in place this was because the double end doors were not required.

The conversions on the shipping container were:

  • Personnel Door- With the conversion being an office for sales to take place there was no need for the usual double end doors.
  • Internal Electrics- The Office needed internal electrics and we installed a strip light, a heater and double sockets

The office conversion will be used throughout the UK at all the car-dealerships UK branches as they are renovating each one and the office Container conversion that ContainerContainer have manufactured will be used as their temporary sales office throughout that period and for any future work the dealership requires the use of the temporary office conversion.

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