We aim to give the best service we can and we think our prices are pretty good too. We do things a little different to others, for example we'll supply you with a container any size you like up to 40ft, We’re up front with prices too, as we want to give you a fair deal.

Shipping Container Uses

The possible applications for shipping containers, in addition to their designed use of shipping, is almost limitless. We have completed many shipping container conversions in order to make them usable for a wide range of tasks - here are some potential uses for the versatile beast.

By Industry


Farming and Agriculture

  • Storage
  • Oil Store
  • Chemical Store
  • Farm Office
  • Tack Room
  • Tractor Store
  • Quad Bike Store
  • Foresters Store

Sports Clubs

  • Changing Room
  • Goal Post Storage
  • Canoe Storage
  • Farm Office
  • Referees Room
  • Disabled Toilets
  • Shower Room
  • Locker Room
  • Equipment Store
  • Club House
  • Golf Shop
  • Bowls Club Pavillion
  • Mountain Bike Store
  • Cricket Club Girls Team Changing Room


  • Recycling store
  • Paper store
  • Weighbridge Office


  • Stock Store

Mining and Quarrying

  • Site Office
  • Mess Room
  • Weighbridge Office


  • Helicopter Waiting Room
  • Cable Splicing Container
  • Workshop
  • Test Booth
  • Riggers Store


  • Garden Centre Store
  • Aggregates Store
  • Allotments Office/Shop
  • Allotments Society Meeting Room
  • Tool Store
  • Lawn Mower Store (Insurance approved)

Schools and Colleges

  • School Office
  • Changing Room
  • Disabled Toilet
  • Locker Room
  • Sports Store
  • Playground Equipment Store
  • Archive Storage
  • Toilets
  • Shower Room
  • Play cabin (nurseries and primary)
  • Caretakers Store
  • Art Room extension


  • Homing Pigeon Society Work Area
  • Allotments Society Meeting Room
  • Allotments Society Toilet Facility
  • On-Site Disabled Toilets


  • Sound mixing studio


  • Generator Store
  • Wave Energy machinery housing
  • Superconductor machinery housing

Business Services

  • Accountancy Archives
  • Legal Archives
  • Weighbridge Ticket Archives
  • Franchise Stock Storage


  • Stock Storage
  • Parts Storage
  • Cycle Shop Extension
  • Christmas Tree Store
  • Mobile Catering


By Application


  • Stock
  • Household Effects
  • Oils
  • Chemicals
  • Dry Foods
  • Furniture
  • Carpets

Work Areas

  • Packing Store
  • Rigging Store
  • Workshop


  • Mess Room
  • Office
  • Site Office
  • Shipboard/Offshore Quarters
  • School Office
  • Weighbridge Office


  • Test Room
20ft Used Shipping Container

20ft Used Shipping Container

20ft x 8ft x 8ft 6" used cargo worthy containers available throughout the UK for immediate sale/delivery. Sold on a next from stack basis - so colours may vary. Inspected to ensure wind and water tight prior to release. Ideal for use as a Storage Container.

Tunnel Shipping Container - Double doors at both ends of the container

Tunnel Shipping Containers

Manufactured from a standard shipping container (usually 20ft or 40ft) - but with double end doors at both ends. Typically the solid end of a container is simply cut-off and a new set of double doors is welded in place.

10ft Used Shipping Container

10ft Refurbished/Used Container

10ft x 8ft x 8ft 6" Used / Refurbished containers are available throughout the UK. 10ft containers are cut down from larger 20ft Containers and re-fitted with a set of double doors and/ or end panel. Lock box and external re-spray included.

20ft New High Cube Container

20ft New High Cube

20ft x 8ft x 9ft 6" New 'One Trip' High Cube's are available throughout the UK. 9ft 6" high as opposed to the standard 8ft 6". Useful where extra internal height is required.

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