We aim to give the best service we can and we think our prices are pretty good too. We do things a little different to others, for example we'll supply you with a container any size you like up to 40ft, We’re up front with prices too, as we want to give you a fair deal.

Shipping Container Delivery Information

Shipping Container Delivery

Here at ContainerContainer we have been selling and hiring shipping containers for a lot of years and we have a dedicated team that will help from the initial quote, through until you get your shipping container delivered. So we know what we are doing when it comes to the delivery of your container. We have 13 depots throughout the UK and we work closely to get your container delivered or collected for the best price.

Access Required for Container Delivery

The same as with all deliveries not just shipping containers we need you to ask yourself will it fit? We are not just talking about the container, the delivery truck has to gain access too, and be able to offload safely and be able to get off site as well. So there needs to be no obstructions for the delivery, keep a look out for overhead cables if you are using a HIAB to lift the shipping container into place.

ContainerContainer Depot Locations

With ContainerContainer delivering our shipping containers for sales and hires throughout the UK we are always increasing our number of depots, when we first started out we had one main depot that all our deliveries went out from. However, as the years went by our delivery depots locations have increased and become wide spread throughout the UK and we are always aiming to increase this number to always give you the best price you a shipping container delivery.

Container Delivery

When we have a customer purchasing a shipping container to be delivered we work with our Container depots to get you the shipping container delivered at the best possible price. Our 13 container depots are located throughout the United Kingdom and have stocks of various size shipping containers and if there are no stock of a particular size container we will find the next closest depot that has the stock of your shipping container.

Shipping Container Collection

With our depot locations covering a lot of the UK, we do have clients that have their own transport so after the quote has been received we work with the customer and our depot where they will collect the shipping container from. We make sure the container is released once we receive payment and the client can go into the depot to collect their shipping container.

Delivering shipping containers throughout the UK

Container sales is our business and the UK is where we deliver, we deliver containers throughout the UK here are some of the locations we have, so if you are looking for a shipping container whether its ‘New or Used’ no matter the size or if you're looking for something more bespoke we have sold and delivered one somewhere near you.

Check out where we delivered too in 2016


We have delivered countless number of shipping containers throughout the UK there are various methods of transport that we can deliver a shipping container. The number of shipping containers that we deliver is raising year on year and delivering anywhere throughout the UK (as long as there is enough access). We deliver our range of sizes 40ft containers, 20ft containers, 10ft containers, our small containers 6ft & 8ft containers in new and used conditions.

We also deliver specialized shipping containers so if you want a container for a specific job we can deliver a specialized container to you.

We also can deliver shipping container conversions so if you need a bespoke container we can build to your specifications and deliver it to you.

Planting a Delivered Shipping Container

A container needs to have a flat level surface, so that the shipping container can planted on the ground.

For uneven surfaces we recommend using paving slabs that will make the ground suitable for your container. The use of paving slabs they are used to allow the four corner casting of your container to sit on them to level the ground out.

An uneven surface can result in the container not sitting straight that can mean the doors may not fully open and can cause the container body to twist.

Once the ground is level or has been prepared the container will be lifted and planted into place.

*The area for the shipping container will need to be prepared before the delivery driver has arrived at the site, where the container will be placed.

With our delivery drivers using a HIAB lorry please check for any overhead cables as this can mean that the Hiab cannot extend the lifting arm out to lift the container to the ground.

For more information about shipping container care. Check out our Container Care page

ContainerContainer - Shipping Container Loading Video

The video below shows how our shipping containers are loaded at our depots and secured before being transported.

2no. New 'One Trip' 20ft shipping Containers getting loaded at our Durham Depot ready to be delivered at their new destination for another happy customer.

Customer Satisfaction

We have been delivering all kinds of shipping containers 10+ years now and we would not be able to continue in the business if we were not doing a great job. We a fairly new to the review process but we have received great customer satisfaction. From the depth of knowledge from our staff on shipping containers to the quality of the container you receive whether it new or used, we always work with the customer to build relations between us and the clients and it shows in our customer reviews please read through what our customers have said at

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