We sell both new and used containers of all shapes and sizes - Open Top Containers are typically sold in 20ft or 40ft lengths. We're sure we can find a container to suit your requirements, and if we can't find one, we're experts at container conversions so we can make one perfect for you.

20ft Open Top Containers & 40ft Open-Top Containers for Sale
20ft Open Top Shipping Containers
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Important features of Open Top Shipping Containers
20ft & 40ft Open-Top Shipping Container Features
Avilable with Soft-Top removeable tarp roof Also available with a Hard-Top roof if requested
Ideal when top-loading is required Avilable in NEW and USED Condition
20ft Open-Top and 40ft Open-Top Containers available Constructed from High-Quality cor-ten steel
Available for Delivery throughout the UK Available for Collection from several UK depots

How are Open Top Containers Constructed?

To construct a 20ft Open Top Shipping Container or a 40ft Open Top Shipping Container, you start with a standard shipping container. The roof panel is removed to leave the three side panels, the container floor and the double end doors. With this leaving the container an open top - you can then apply a roof that can be removed as/when needed. The removable roof on an open top container can either have a hardened roof or a tarped roof. The temporary roof is attached to the side panels and removed so that the container can be filled through the roof rather than the double end doors for larger or heavier items.

  • Hardened Roof - The hardened roof is fabricated using a steel panel that is manufactured larger than the opening to fold over the sides of the container. The hardened roof is placed on the top of the open top container with a crane, once in place, the container will have locking bars attached to the side panels, these are designed to lock the steel roof in place and are the same as the locking bars that are on the double end doors.
  • Tarpaulin Roof - The removable tarpaulin cover will spread the length of the open top shipping container, it is a high-quality tarpaulin. The tarp is then attached to all the sides of the container using high-quality locking mechanisms whilst transporting cargo.

What are open top shipping containers used for?

  • Transportation/Shipping - Like flat rack shipping containers, open top shipping containers are commonly used in transportation and shipping, with this specialised container designed the same as a standard shipping container then modified so that you can load through the double end doors, and also through the open top. This allows cargo to be loaded differently to a standard shipping container and is favoured by transportation companies when clients need a container for overseas shipping.

What sizes do Open-Top Containers come in? What Condition do they come in?

We sell Open-Top Containers in two sizes -

  • 20ft Open Top Shipping Containers - available in both standard height and high-cube; in both new and used condition.
  • 40ft Open Top Shipping Containers - available in standard height only; in both new and used condition.

What to expect from a NEW Container!

New containers have all been used once - they transport one cargo load from the far east where they are constructed, to the UK where they are re-sold. No shipping containers are currently produced in the UK, so any 'NEW' containers sold will be 'one-trip' containers - constructed in the far east and immediately transported for resale.

What to expect from a USED Container

Used containers are typically around 5 years old, they have been used by shipping lines for several years before being released for resale. All containers that are released for sale are in good used condition, they may have some surface damage - but all checked to ensure they're wind/watertight and in generally good condition. We'd expect all used containers to be usable for 10-15 years after being re-sold. Open top containers are slightly different from standard containers in that they don't have a fixed roof - our open-top containers will typically be re-sold with a used tarp roof - this will also be in good used condition.

If you'd prefer your open-top container to be supplied with a solid roof, please let us know during your initial enquiry.

Why choose an Open Top Shipping Container?

Clients choose open top shipping containers as they need to load their container with a crane - usually, their cargo is too large or heavy to load normally, loading through the open top of the container is much easier as items can be lowered directly into the container by crane. So being able to load through the roof is the desired loading method. Once the loaded cargo is secured, the roof can be reattached and the container is ready for transportation.

If you have any questions about open top containers please contact our sales team using the form below or by calling us on 0844 561 7975.

Container Delivery Information

Unless otherwise specified during the ordering process containers will be delivered on a HIAB Delivery Truck and the shipping container will be lifted into position by our driver using the HIAB crane. Please ensure there is enough space for the container to be planted.

*You can also collect OR if you have suitable lifting facilities on site there are other delivery methods. Please let us know if you can lift the container off our transport when you make an enquiry as this will likely reduce the delivery charge.

** For more information on our shipping container delivery, please check out our shipping container delivery page.

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