Typically a new 'one-trip' Standard 20ft or 40ft container is converted by removing one of the containers side panels, hinges are welded onto the two end panels and bi-fold doors are installed to enclose the entire side of the container. The converted unit is ideal for storage where improved access is required. Side-access containers are also a great starting point for conversion projects such as exhibition stands.

Full Side Access/Side Opening Containers

40ft High Cube Shipping Container with Full Side Opening
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Important Features of a Side Opening/Side Access Container
Typical 20ft / 40ft Side Access Container Features
Available in 20ft or 40ft Lengths as Standard Ideal where additional access is required (along 1 side)
Constructed from High-Quality cor-ten steel Sold in New Condition
Delivery Location Available for Delivery throughout the UK Collection Location Available for Collection from several UK depots
Other Services Bespoke conversion work available on request Internal Flooring Material 27mm internal hardwood flooring
Item Colour External colour may vary Guaranteed Wind and Watertight

How are Side Access / Side Opening Containers Constructed?

With a full side access shipping container, you manufacture from a standard shipping container either a 10ft, 20ft or 40ft. A side panel is removed completely, leaving it open. Next, hinges are welded in place on the corner posts. Then bi-fold doors are attached to the hinges (depending on what size you are manufacturing either a 10ft full side access container, 20ft full side access containers or a 40ft full side access container). Door keepers are welded on the top and bottom of the side panel, locking bars are added to each door - either 2 or 3 are added to each door.

For a 20ft side opening container there will be approximately 8 locking bars (2 per door) and for a 40ft side opening container there will be approximately 12 locking bars (3 per door).

Bi-fold Doors - Bi-fold doors are the standard doors that come with full side access shipping containers as well as double end doors. Depending on which sized full side access shipping container that you purchase the side access will either have two or four hinges on the bi-fold doors to reveal the cargo. The bi-fold doors can be pivoted round each other to take less space up. 

What are full side access shipping containers used for?

A full side access shipping container can have a lot of different uses, below are some of the most common:

  • Pop-up Restaurants - We have worked with clients looking to use full side access shipping containers to expand their franchise and enter new market spaces by using them as pop-up and portable restaurants.
  • Music performance/Exhibition stands - Full side access containers allow for a quick set up for street performances and gigs. Being able to open up and perform and close up the container quickly at the end of the day and move onto the next destination.
  • Bars - We are seeing a lot of full side access shipping containers being converted into bars, they can be static or portable - the portable full side access container bars can be moved destinations very easily and can open up to customers at any location.
  • Ticket sales offices/Tourist information offices - The containers can be converted for commercial uses with the full side access it can be very appealing to tourists and for events used as space for ticket sales.
  • Environmental hot boxes - More and more environmental companies are starting to look at shipping containers as a great opportunity for agricultural growth / public displays. The full side access shipping container will open up to reveal their concept.

What sizes do full side access/side opening containers they come in?

We sell 3 sizes (20ft full side access containers, 40ft full side access containers & 10ft full side access containers)

  • 10ft full side access containers - Our 10ft side opening containers are more difficult to come by (because 10ft is not a standard length) but we will work hard to find you a 10ft full side access container.
  • 20ft full side access containers - Our 20ft side opening containers are available to purchase; they are constructed from a standard 20ft shipping container - modified into the specialised 20ft full side access container. 
  • 40ft full side access containers - We have 40ft side opening containers available to order; modified from a standard 40ft container into the specialised 40ft full side access container.

*With the full side access containers we also sell high cube versions for that needed increase in height.

Conditions they come in

We sell 20ft side opening containers, 40ft side opening containers & 10ft side opening containers in NEW 'one-trip' conditions.

Why choose a Full Side Access Shipping Container?

A full side access shipping container is a perfect specialised container because it is able to be used in a lot of different scenarios. It can be used in a wide range of scenarios resulting in clients looking at this specialised shipping container because of the versatility and being able to create impressive final structures when they are converted. Being able to include electricity, work benches, heating and much more if this is something you are considering give us a call on 0844 562 79 75 and speak with our team about our full side access shipping containers.

Full Side Access Conversions

If you are looking to create a bespoke container we can do container conversions, we can convert a full side access container to your specifications. Whatever you are using your full side access container for - speak to us we're sure we can help! Whether you need electrics, internal walls, partitions or something new. If you want to see some of our shipping container conversions that we have done before check out of conversions page for possible conversions on a full side access shipping container of if you don't see what you are looking for please get in touch and speak to Stephen and see if we can convert the full side access container to how you need it.


Unless otherwise specified during the ordering process containers will be delivered on a HIAB Delivery Truck and the shipping container will be lifted into position by our driver using the HIAB crane. Please ensure there is enough space for the container to be planted.

*You can also collect OR if you have lifting facilities on site there are other delivery methods. Please let us know if you can lift the container off our transport when you make an enquiry as this will likely reduce the delivery charge.

** For more information on our shipping container delivery, please check out our shipping container delivery page.

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