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Flat Rack Shipping Containers

How are Flat Rack Containers Constructed?

A flat rack shipping container is designed differently to a standard shipping container, they have three panels - the container flooring, a front panel and a back panel. However the front and back panels are designed very different to the panels you get with other shipping containers, the panels on a flat rack are hinged so that the the two panels can be folded to provide a ramp onto the flooring and folded on to the flooring to become slimline for transorting. The panels are folded up and locked into place whilst transporting the cargo.

What are Flat Rack Shipping Containers used for?

Transportation/Shipping -Flat rack shipping containers a most commonly used in the transportation industry, they are used to transport machinery, large transportation like trains, excavators and much more, lifting equipment. The flat rack container are used when the cargo will not fit into a standard shipping container. Being used by transporters they will also be used for shipping overseas as they can ship larger cargo, also for transporting just the flat rack you can transport more as the design will allow them to be stacked and take up less space.

What sizes do they come in? - What Conditions do they come in?

The sizes of flat rack shipping containers that we sell are:

  • 20ft Flat Rack Shipping Containers - Our flat rack containers are available in 20ft flat rack we have new 'one trip' versions and used conditions.
  • 40ft Flat Rack Shipping Containers - We have 40ft new flat rack shipping containers and 40ft used flat rack shipping containers available for purchase.   

Why choose a Flat Rack Shipping Container?

You would choose a flat rack shipping container depending on the cargo that you are going to be transporting. With the flat rack not having side panels they are used to transport wide load cargo from large cranes/farming equipment, to large machinery parts that won't fit into a standard shipping container or any of the other specialised shipping containers. Another reason people choose flat rack containers is because they are easily stored away for future use as they are able to be folded flat and take up less space.


Unless otherwise specified during the ordering process containers will be delivered on a HIAB Delivery Truck and the shipping container will be lifted into position by our driver using the HIAB crane. Please ensure there is enough space for the container to be planted.

*You can also collect OR if you have lifting facilities on site there are other delivery methods. Please let us know if you can lift the container off our transport when you make an enquiry as this will likely reduce the delivery charge.

** For more information on our shipping container delivery, please check out our shipping container delivery page.

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