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Ean Parsons Austria Ironman 2017 - 1st June 2017 (10th Edition) - 01 June 2017

1st June 2017 

On Sunday 28th May I completed my long training run of 3 hours, running about 19 miles at a steady pace; I felt good and it was good to get that one under my belt. After a few weeks in April and early May focusing on the bike I switched to run focus in May. I was at my nephew's stag weekend in Llanberis so I took the opportunity to run up Snowdon going up the Miners Track from Pen y Pass in 1:26 and down the Llanberis Track in 1:08; felt good. The Slateman Triathlon was on in Llanberis while I was there - if only i'd known! I'm now trying to sharpen - improve my times over shorter distances. The summer ten mile cycle time trials from Sedgefield organised by Ferryhill Wheelers are ideal and in the first three i've recorded 30:20, 29:10 and 28:40.

I've also joined Ferryhill Wheelers so I can wear their colours on the bike in Austria. Swimming is going well and i've focused on weekly half ironman and 1 mile swims to improve times; I'm down to 34:55 for the mile in the pool and I'm confident I'll be faster in open water. I'm also now focusing on detail with only a few weeks to go. This includes making sure I have the right clothing (hence the Ferryhill Wheelers gear and a new pair of running shoes is needed). It also includes making my nutrition plan for before, during and after the event. The recent good weather is a bonus as its going to be warm in Austria and it's nice to train in familiar conditions. Where I can fit it in i've kept up my strength and conditioning routine which I was doing daily earlier in the year; I honestly don't think I could have done the ironman training without S&C. The mornings watching Ice Road Truckers while on the turbo trainer though a familiar routing at the time now seems ages ago.

Only 4 weeks to go now and one or two things to fit in like a couple of open water swims and ensuring the bike is serviced.


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