We aim to give the best service we can and we think our prices are pretty good too. We do things a little different to others, for example we'll supply you with a container any size you like up to 40ft, We’re up front with prices too, as we want to give you a fair deal.

Shipping Container Care

Some quick and simple instructions to follow to keep your shipping container in full working order.

Planting Your Shipping Container


How to Open your Shipping Container

To open your shipping container there is a step-by-step procedure to follow to correctly open the containers double doors, so you do not cause damage to the doors, seals and locking bars.

How to Close your Shipping Container


Shipping Container Security Tips

CISA Locks

CISA Locks are a high security padlock that we use with our shipping containers. It is the padlock that we recommend to be used with the slimline lockboxes.

CISA Locks Key Features


Shipping Container Parts

We have been dealing with shipping containers for a lot of years now and we know the ins and outs and every aspect of a container, but for some people they may not have much experience or none at all. We are always here to help and we want to pass on our knowledge to make you feel comfortable and in control when you use your shipping container from ContainerContainer.

There are various parts to a shipping container that you my not know about, some are more vital than others but it depends on what you will be using the container for.

Check out our container uses page here.

With standard shipping containers their structure is usually the same, however you may get some that look slightly differnet, an example usually the double doors have 4 Locking bars but sometimes you can get a container that could have 3 or possibly 2.


Above is your standard 20ft new 'one trip' shipping container the parts on the container can easily be distinqued between each other. and we will go through the different parts and keeping your shipping container maintained.

Follow the link here for more information regarding shipping container parts.

*If you have a specialised shipping container or a bespoke conversion container the container parts maybe different.

Shipping Container Anti-condensation

We have not heard many cases of shipping containers suffering from condensation issues in the 16 years that we have sold shipping containers, but we do offer support in some products if you do want to prevent condensation before it happens. 


For a protection against moisture in your shipping container the use of a product called Asorpolecan be used to aid in this prevention. Absorpole's are a perfect solution to moisture prevention as it is a slimline body means it takes up relativly little space and it can be used to habg on the shipping container internal hanging mounts that are throughout containers. The absorpoles hang from the hanging mounts in the corrugation of the side and back panels of the shipping container resulting in no space taken away from the internal space. 

An Absorpole takes the moisture out from the air and can absorb upto 2 litres into its body, and has an anti-leak protected body.

How to set up an Absorpole

Absorpole Key Features

Absorpole Dimensions

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