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2 x 20ft shipping container conversions – Case study

The Conversion Brief

Two bespoke shipping container conversions ready for delivery to the client

We have just completed two 20ft shipping container conversions, both of which are bespoke to the client’s specifications, and which combine to work together. The client contacted us through our website and met with our sales team and fabricators at our head office to discuss the plans for the jobs and the modifications. After a successful meeting, we got the go ahead for both of the conversions, and set a timeframe for them to be completed.

The first conversion was a 20ft shipping container converted into a workshop, and the second was a 20ft shipping container split into two 10fts – a chain store and a COSHH store. The workshop was fabricated to a previous workshop conversion that we have done and the client wanted the same design.

20ft shipping container converted into a workshop

Using a 20ft new ‘one trip’ shipping container externally painted in RAL1007, the following modifications were internally fabricated to the client’s specifications. The internal walls of the shipping container had ply board panelling fitted throughout, that made the workshop more insulated. Internal electrics were added that included two strip lights to provide lighting throughout, and two three-pin double plug sockets along one side of the container, so the employees could use power assisted tools.

Along one side of the container, a work bench with a six-inch worktop vice attached and under counter storage was added, along with 3×3 tier large secure mesh storage for power tools to be secured when not in use, which filled the rest of the first side panel. On the opposite side was three tier shelving bolted to the floor, built from a metal frame and 18mm thick boarding. We made sure that there was enough space between the work bench and shelving for the employees to work. A PVC curtain was installed to the entrance into the shipping container once the double doors had opened.

20ft shipping container converted into two 10ft compartments – a chain store and a COSHH store.

The second conversion was from another new ‘one trip’ 20ft shipping container, that needed to be split into two 10ft stores, one to be used as a chain store and the other as a COSHH store. The double doors were cut from the standard area and replaced with a corrugation panel. Along the side of the container, two apertures were cut out and two sets of double doors were welded in place to create two access points, and a partition was welded in place to separate the two 10ft compartments. The conversions were both sprayed internally in and sprayed externally in RAL1007 to match the workshop conversion.

10ft shipping container COSHH store

The 10ft COSHH store had a raised bund flooring with a drainage port for any spillages, ‘L’ shape brackets were welded in place that will hold four oil drums in place and a retractable step, to step into the container. A strip light was added above the entrance to light the full 10ft store. Five mesh raised secure storage areas where welded in place across the top of the back wall and right and left side panels, and a large storage cabinet was fixed in place for flammable liquids. On the double doors into the COSHH store, four large vents were fitted (two per door) to increase ventilation.

10ft shipping container chain store

The chain store container had a strip light fitted above the entrance to light up the store, and hook hangers were fitted to either side (10 on each side). At the back, we welded two three tier large secure storage fittings.

The two conversions were completed in just five weeks after the confirmation of the order, and were collected from our depot by our client.

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