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20ft Full Side Access Glazed Shipping Container Conversion

Key Facts

Size: 20ft new ‘one trip’ full side access shipping container
Use: Office container conversion
Project Length: 3-weeks

The Conversion Brief

For this conversion a new ‘one trip’ 20ft Full Side Access shipping container was converted into a high-security site office, the client needed the unit to be secure so in addition to the glazed windows and French doors, they requested that we include bi-fold doors for improved security. Internally the unit was lined with MFC, a vinyl floor was installed and electric lights and sockets were added.

Breakdown of the Project

We were approached from a housing development company that required an onsite sales office for their staff on their new development. The design brief was very simple ‘secure’ was the stand out word across the brief which is a major perk that a shipping container offers.

After we received the brief, we provided various options and examples of previous offices we have converted throughout the years. However, they were drawn to a conversion that we produced for a pop-up retail shop, as they wanted something as a stand out office and asked if we would be able to make it more secure. We gave another couple of options including roller shutters but the option that they preferred the most was using a 20ft full side access shipping container.

The full side access container has additional bi-folding doors along the 20ft side panel, the customer still wanted the glazed windows and French doors behind the bi-fold doors. With the new design we provided 3D visuals to showcase what the product office container would look like and they were happy with the design and was signed off.

Behind the bi-fold doors we installed box section for the French doors and glazing to be attached to, with a foot on both sides of corrugated panelling fitted for a stylish addition. We installed double glazed windows either side of the French doors that are situated in the centre. The container was internally limed with 9mm melamine boarding of 50mm rockwool insulation with a non-slip vinyl flooring and flush fit electrical install with brushed aluminium double sockets on request for a high-end finish.

The customer also requested the container be painted externally in RAL9005 (black) but with the seals masked up and locking bars removed so that they would stand out once painted. The customer was over the moon with the final conversion and with the high-end finish become a stand out sales office on their housing development but also offers a high level of security with the bi-fold doors.

The office container was used while the housing development was being built and the customer said that they will be moving the container across future developments. The container conversion was completed in 3-week period from confirmation of order and was delivered to site.

If you would like further information or would like a similar conversion please contact or call us on 0844 561 79 75 and speak with our container conversion coordinator.

Conversion breakdown

A breakdown of the modifications that took place for the 20ft Full Side Access Glazed conversion

  • Using a 20ft new ‘one trip’ full side access shipping container (client’s decision for additional security).
  • Inside the bi-fold doors, glazed French doors were fitted to the centre and two large panels of glass, one on each side.
    • Finished with corrugated panels.
  • Lined internally with MFC.
    • Over 50mm Rockwool Insulation.
  • Electrical Installation.
    • 2no. strip lights.
    • 4no. double sockets.
    • 1no. wall heater.
  • Non-slip vinyl flooring fitted.
  • Resprayed externally in clients requested colour – RAL9005.
    • Locking bars were removed before painting and reattached to keep the galvanised finish visible.

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