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Bespoke 45ft High Cube Tunnel Container


Shipping Container Conversion Information

We were approached by our client looking at a New 'one trip' 1no. 45ft high cube Tunnel shipping container. We do sell specialized shipping containers however in a tunnel container we only sell new 'one trip' high cube tunnels in 40ft and 20ft sizes, with constant communication with the client we said we could convert a 1no. 40ft high cube container, and add the extra 5ft to create the shipping container the client was looking to purchase. Not only was the the client wanting the 45ft high cube Tunnel container fabricated they were wanting 2 personnel doors added along one side.


With the 45ft high cube tunnel needing to be fabricated from a 40ft and the extra 5ft, the end of the 40ft tunnel (one set of double doors) was cut off and the extra 5ft was welded in its place to create the desired size container, the double end doors that were cut from the 40ft high cube were then re welded in place at the end of the 45ft to create the tunnel and allow both sides to have double doors.

(Welds marks along where the extra 5ft was added to the 40ft high cube and weld marks where the double end doors were reattached)


Along both sides of the tunnel there was apertures welded in place that were put in place to the clients specification, they were put in place for the clients electrical equipment and then the client would drill through the apertures to connect the electrics together and the water piping that is needed for the client. We made sure the apertures were to the exact size for the electrical equipment as it needed to be precise. 

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