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Bespoke Purpose Built 24ft Half Height Offshore Container

Bespoke 24ft Half Height Offshore Container Bespoke 24ft Half Height Offshore Container Bespoke 24ft Half Height Offshore Container Bespoke 24ft Half Height Offshore Container

Shipping Container Conversion Information

We were approached by a large Belgian based offshore company in 2015 who had a problem whereas they needed to store a large bespoke piece of equipment safely whilst not in use (a mattress deployment system - a newly developed state of the art subsea tool). 

The equipment needed to be loaded in a container through the roof so we immediate thought of our open top or half height shipping containers. The problem was, the equipment was 9ft wide and it simply wasn't going to fit. Not to be defeated, we came up with a suggestion of building a unit from scratch that would allow the equipment to fit inside safely and take up as little space as possible on the rig. 

In the end, we built a 24ft long x 9ft wide x 6ft high "half height" container. This was built in our factory from scratch using steel wall panels, double doors at one end (with a hinged top rail above the doors so could be moved out of position when loading/ unloading), flooring was based on a standard shipping container with cross members along the width with a steel cheque plate floor overlay. The top was formed from removable roof bows and a tarpaulin fitted so the equipment could be loaded/ unloaded easily and remain protected. We used original ISO castings top and bottom so the unit could be lifted safely with standard cranes. 

As the equipment weighed around 8 tonne, we needed to have the unit load tested. Safe to say, this passed with flying colours and the unit was given a 10 tonne safe working load. 

The unit was finished internally & externally in the clients blue corporate colours. 

The half height container was delivered into Felixstowe, UK within approx. 4 weeks from confirmation. 

We took a nothing is impossible approach to this project and were pleased to get a glowing review from our client. Another satisfied customer! 


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