All of our used 40ft containers are inspected before being sold to ensure they meet our quality standards, each container is checked to guarantee it is fully wind and watertight, and that the rubber door seals are in good condition to prevent any water ingress. These large used containers are perfect for shipping, secure storage and conversion projects.

40ft Used Shipping Containers for Sale

Used 40ft Shipping Container - External
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Important Features of a Used 40ft Shipping Container
Shipping Container Features
40 FT Long, 8 FT Wide, 8.5 FT High (external) Guaranteed Wind and Watertight
Construction Material Constructed from High-Quality cor-ten steel Sold in Good Used Condition UsedCondition
Delivery Location Available for Delivery throughout the UK Collection Location Available for Collection from several UK depots
Other Services Bespoke conversion work available on request Internal Flooring Material 27mm internal hardwood flooring
Item Colour External colour may vary Typically 10 - 15 years old

Standard Shipping Container Sizes

These forty foot containers are one of the industry standard shipping container sizes, 40ft containers are widely used for overseas goods transportation, you'll often see them being used on container ships securely transporting goods across oceans. Due to their popularity for shipping; these containers are the most cost-effective options for buying a container on the resale market. Used condition, 40ft steel containers offer the best cost per square foot for storage, so they're a great option for anyone looking for secure on-site storage - for example in the construction industry!

Because of their popularity, we always have these used containers in stock and available for purchase in the UK. We typically deliver these containers direct to our customers location, but if preferred customers can also collect them from several UK ports and container depots.

Uses for a 40ft Shipping Container

40ft units have many uses, they are ideal for on-site storage and goods transportation without any modfications. Used 40ft containers are also becoming increasingly popular as a base material in many construction projects rangeing from off-grid tiny homes and garden buildings, to large retail parks, air b-and-b's and hotels.

If you're looking for a used 40ft steel container for a conversion project such as a home, shop or swimming pool look no further.

40ft Shipping Container Construction

A used 40ft shipping container bought from us, should last you 20 years plus, with a little maintenance. This product life span is down to the robust construction process and the construction materials used. Containers are manufactured using high-quality corten steel. Corten or Cor-ten steel is a heavy duty, weathering, corrosion resistant steel which is ideal to withstand the harsh rigours of sea conditions.

When we receive a used/second-hand shipping container at one of our depots, they are carefully inspected to ensure each container is structurally sound and fully wind and water tight; we make sure each conttainer is up to the cargo worthy industry standard. The double doors are inspected to make sure they are fully operational and that the rubber seals which run around the double doors are in good condition to prevent any water ingress. The flooring of a shipping container is typically made from 27mm hardwood.

Our used 40ft shipping containers will typically be 10 to 15 years old when sold. Used containers are usually picked from our depots on a 'next from stack' basis, so the external colour will be a generic shipping line colour, usually blue or green, but the exact colour may vary.

If you require your container for shipping goods overseas (i.e. on a container ship) then we can also update the details on the containers CSC certification plate, this re-certifies the container to allow it to be used for shipping, please let us know if this is a requirement when you initially enquire - as this will affect the price we are able to offer.

40ft Shipping Container Types, Dimensions and Weights

Container Type Condition External Length External Width External Height Internal Length Internal Width Internal Height Weight* Cubic Capacity*
40FT Standard Height Container Used 40FT (12.18m) 8FT (2.44m) 8FT 6inches (2.59m) 39FT 9inches (12.11m) 7FT 10inches (2.39m) 7FT 10inches (2.39m) 3,470kg 2,387ft3 (67.6m3)
40FT Standard Height Container New 40FT (12.18m) 8FT (2.44m) 8FT 6inches (2.59m) 39FT 9inches (12.11m) 7FT 10inches (2.39m) 7FT 10inches (2.39m) 3,470kg 2,387ft3 (67.6m3)
40FT High Cube Container New 40FT (12.18m) 8FT (2.44m) 9FT 6inches (2.90m) 39FT 9inches (12.11m) 7FT 10inches (2.39m) 8FT 10inches (2.69m) 3,660kg 2,698ft3 (76.4m3)
40FT High Cube Container Used 40FT (12.18m) 8FT (2.44m) 9FT 6inches (2.90m) 39FT 9inches (12.11m) 7FT 10inches (2.39m) 8FT 10inches (2.69m) 3,660kg 2,698ft3 (76.4m3)
40FT Side Opening Container New 40FT (12.18m) 8FT (2.44m) 8FT 6inches (2.59m) 39FT 9inches (12.11m) 7FT 9inches (2.35m) 7FT 10inches (2.39m) 3,510kg *SO 2,387ft3 (67.6m3) *SO
40FT Open Top Container New & Used 40FT (12.18m) 8FT (2.44m) 8FT 6inches (2.59m) 39FT 9inches (12.11m) 7FT 10inches (2.39m) 7FT 10inches (2.39m) 3750 kg *OT 2,387ft3 (67.6m3) *OT
40FT Tunnel Container New & Used 40FT (12.18m) 8FT (2.44m) 8FT 6inches (2.59m) 39FT 4inches (11.98m) 7FT 10inches (2.39m) 7FT 10inches (2.39m) 3,490kg *TU 2,387ft3 (67.6m3) *TU
*OT - Open Top Container Internal Height, Weight and Cubic Capacity is affected by the removal of the solid roof
*TU - Tunnel Container Internal Length, Weight & Cubic Capacity is affected by the 2nd set of container doors added to the end of the contiainer.
*SO - Side Opening Container Internal Width, Weight and Cubic Capacity is affected by the additional side doors added to the container.

Information is provided for guidance only, ContainerContainer do not accept any responsibility for any loss or damages resulting from use or interpretation of this information. Please contact us if you need exact measurements.

Still don't see what you want? Contact us on 0844 561 7975.

Your Shipping Container Delivery

Simply tell us your delivery postcode when you enquire and we'll include all delivery costs in your quote.

If you don't require delivery and would prefer to pick up your container, or if you want delivery but have the facility to offload your container at your location do let us know, as this may reduce the price we are able to offer!

See our shipping container delivery page or FAQ section below for more info.

Optional Extras for your 40ft Container

There are several optional extras available which can be added to your container, please specify if you would like any of these optional extras when making your initial inquiry.


To upgrade the security of your 40ft used container, we can provide and install a lock box - this is a steel box that is welded onto the containers double doors to enclose your padlock. Adding a lock-box makes the padlock more difficult to tamper with by restricting access. We can also supply a high-security padlock if required, but most universal padlocks will fit.

Internal Shelving

If you need your shipping container to have some internal shelving, for stock, archiving or storage purposes we can install this inside your container (depending on steel or wooden shelving the price can differ). We will work closely with you to ensure the shelving is what you are looking for and help create the container that you are looking for.


With a lot of enquiries, we receive people are looking to have electricity installed for various implements. We are able to do these forms of conversions in our standard containers; we have done a wide range of jobs for clients that have this check out the electricity installations conversion page.

We will install the electricity in the shipping container to your specification so what you are looking to do with the electricity let us know and we will work with you to install this to how you need it. We can put simple lighting, heating throughout, generator storage into the shipping container. We will work out the best price for this when we quote you.

Check out the Electricity modifications we have done before and if you cannot see what you are looking for, give us a call and we will see if we can.

  • If you are looking for a bespoke container we do build containers to your specification check out our Conversions Page to see what we have done before.

Anti-condensation / Absorpole

To battle against condensation in shipping containers we recommend the inclusion of Absorpole’s they are used to soak up excess moisture that could be inside your shipping container. For more serve cases we can use Grafotherm that lines the roof of your container.

Check out our container care page for all your need to care for your shipping container.

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Important Questions you should ask about Used 40-ft Shipping Containers

What are the dimensions of 40-ft shipping container?

All shipping containers are a created at a 'standard' size (in order to stack them during shipping).

20 foot units externally measure: 40 feet (12.2 meters) long, 8 feet (2.44 meters) wide, and 8 feet 6 inches (2.59 meters) high.

The internal dimensions of the containers may vary slightly depending on the construction.

The sides of a container are in nearly all cases, corrugated. The depth of the corrugation is usually 1 inch (25mm), which means that 2 inches (50mm) is lost from the external width dimension, giving an internal width of 7 feet 10 inches (2.38 meters).

The back (blank end) of the container is also corrugated and the doors are around 2 inches (50mm) thick meaning that approximately 3 inches (75mm) is lost from the length, giving an internal length of 39 feet 5 inches (12.03 meters).

The main reduction from external to internal dimensions is with height. The floor of a standard container has an underside clearance of approximately 6 inches (150mm) and the floor has a thickness of 27mm (1.1 inches). As the roof is corrugated another 1 inch (25mm) is lost resulting in an internal dimension of around 8 inches less than external – 7ft 10 inches (2.39 meters), though this can vary slightly depending on the flooring material used.

Through the door height is further reduced because of the steel top rail above the door which is a part of the structural integrity of the container, this is 4 inches (100mm) thus reducing the entrance height of a standard 40ft container to 7ft 6ins (2.28 meters), though this can vary slightly either way.

40ft External Dimensions Imperial Metric
Length 40 feet 12.2 meters
Width 8 feet 2.44 meters
Height 8 feet 6 inches 2.59 meters
40ft Internal Dimensions Imperial Metric
Length 39 feet 5 inches 12.03 meters
Width 7 feet 10 inches 2.38 meters
Height 7 feet 10 inches 2.39 meters

What is the internal capacity of a 40ft container?

The internal storage capacity of a used 40ft is approx 67.6 cubic meters or 2,387 cubic feet.

How much does a 40ft shipping container weigh?

There are three relevant weights relating to containers, the Tare Weight, the Gross Weight and the Payload (Net) Weight.

These are painted onto the outside of the container doors when it is in shipping service or before it has been repainted for another application.

The Container Tare Weight is the weight of the container without cargo or contents.

The Container Gross Weight is the weight of the container plus the maximum payload it can hold i.e. the maximum total weight of the container.

The Payload (or Net Weight) is the weight of the cargo or contents that a container can hold.

Typical 40 foot Container Weights Imperial Metric
Max Gross Weight 67,200 lbs 30,400 kg*
Tare Weight 8270 lbs 3,750 kg
Payload (Net) Weight 58,930 lbs 26,730 kg

*some 40ft units are constructed to a lower specification.

Where are used 40-ft containers sourced from?

New Containers are initially manufactured in the far-east, they then begin life as shipping containers, typically used for approx 10-15 years before being re-sold on from various ports/container depots to the used container market.

The date each container was originally manufactured is clearly stated on the CSC plate, located on the double doors.

We buy used containers from many shipping container depots, check they're in good used condition, wind and watertight - then deliver them to our customers.

What are shipping containers made of?

40ft units are constructed using high quality weathering cor-ten steel which is designed to stand up to the harsh sea conditions. Due to the environment they are all manufactured to a high standard and are wind and water tight to protect their cargo.

Cor-ten is a corrosion resistant weathering steel, used within many industries for its strength.

High-quality rubber seals are used to prevent water ingress through the double-doors.

The internal flooring is typically formed from 27mm hardwood.

How long will a used shipping container last?

This will depend on how you use your container and the environment it's situated in.

A well cared for used unit should last for many years (15+) after its purchase date - see our care instructions for more information on caring for your container.

How will my 40 foot container be delivered?

In order to offer the best possible price, we'll source your container from the depot offering the best price.

Your container will then typically be delivered from the depot on a HIAB Lorry. The lorry mounted craine will then be used to place your container on the pre-prepared location.

Please ensure you have prepared the ground prior to your container being delivered.

Please be sure to provide us with your delivery postcode as part of your initial enquiry so we can accurately estimate delivery costs.

Please also take into consideration any limitations of your location, the Crane will only be able to position your container within a close proximity to the vehicle.

If you have any concerns with regards to delivery at your location, please let us know.

2 x New 20ft Shipping Container Loading Video - Containers being loaded at our depot ready for delivery to a customer

Do I need to prepare the ground before my container is delivered?

This depends on your intended use, but generally, Yes - Your container should to be placed on a flat level surface.

For uneven surfaces we recommend using paving slabs to create a level the surface.

We recommend using paving slabs to allow the four corner castings of your container to sit on a solid level base.

An uneven surface can result in the container not sitting straight, this can mean the container doors may not fully open and can cause the container body to twist.

The area for your shipping container will need to be prepared before our delivery driver arrives on site.

With our delivery drivers using a HIAB lorry, please check for any overhead cables as this can mean that the HIAB cannot extend its lifting arm out to lift the container to the ground.

If you are unsure if the HIAB lorry will have sufficient space to unload your container - please make us aware of any restrictions before placing your order.

Can I collect my container?

Yes - please let us know if you are able to collect your used container from one of our depots. Please note that used prices do often vary from depot to depot so this could affect the price we are able to offer.

How do I look after my used container?

Caring for a container is mostly common sense, but there are a few things you can do to keep your box in a good condition.

Ensure the contents of your container are dry and moisture free before you put them inside - this will help reduce moisture build up inside your container.

Regularly check the double end door hinges and locking bars, apply oil to lubricate the hinges and locking bars to keep them moving freely.

Try to keep a little space free at the top of the unit and down the sides to allow the air to circulate. This helps heat to disperse and prevent moisture.

For more container care info check out our container care page.

Can I convert my used container?

Yes - 40ft's are often converted for uses other than shipping and basic materials storage. Take a look at our conversions page for some examples of our recent conversion projects.

Common conversions include the installation of personnel doors, or roller shutters, adding windows or serving hatches, installing electrics, internal lighting and internal cladding

If you have a conversion in mind - we'd love to complete the conversion work for you - get in touch to discuss your requirements.

If you have any other questions about our 40ft containers, or shipping containers in general - please get in touch we'd love to help you find the right container.

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