Our new build "small stores" come in sizes 6ft x 6ft x 6ft, 8ft x 7ft 2" x 7ft 4" & 10ft x 8ft x 8ft 6" (approx.). Generally green or blue externally. Available throughout the UK. Small Containers offer a great option for secure on-site storage - this could be for anything valuable that you want to keep in dry secure storage - maybe a motorbike or your favourite lawn mower!

6ft, 8ft and 10ft New Shipping Containers

10ft New Build Storage Container  size example colour may differ
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Small Size Shipping / Storage Container Dimensions

We get these containers shipped into the country as a Russian doll type set compromising of a 6ft x 6ft x 6ft container inside an 8ft x 7ft 2in x 7ft 4in container, which comes inside a 10ft x 8ft x 8ft 6in container (sizes are approx.). We can sell these containers individually or as a complete set.

6ft Storage Containers

6ft x 6ft x 6ft (approx.) New Build Shipping / Storage Container - Dimensions & weights; 

External Length 1980mm
External Width 1950mm
External Height 1910mm
Internal Length 1800mm
Internal Width 1860mm
Internal Height 1730mm
Weight 450kg

These are the smallest containers we sell (off the shelf) and are ideal for storage, at approx 6ft square these containers are great for keeping your equipment/contents in. These containers also offer a great alternative to your average garden shed - either in your garden or to provide secure allotment storage.

They are also ideal for small conversion jobs - when you have a specific function in mind - such as creating a generator store.

8ft New Build Steel Containers

8ft x 7ft 2" x 7ft 4" (approx.) New Build Shipping / Storage Container - Dimensions & weights; 

External Length 2438mm
External Width 2200mm
External Height 2260mm
Internal Length 2275mm
Internal Width 2106mm
Internal Height 2050mm
Weight 630kg

Slightly larger than the 6ft units these 8ft steel containers provide wind and watertight storage - ideal for on-site storage at the bottom of your garden or at your workplace. At just over 7ft tall these units also provide slightly more headroom which does make loading the contents into your container more comfortable. These 8ft secure storage units could offer an ideal solution for storing your patio furniture, BBQ and lawn mower! A new 8ft steel container also provides a significantly longer term storage option when compared to your average garden shed, requiring less maintenance and offering a significantly longer lifespan.

10ft New Shipping Containers

10ft x 8ft x 8ft 6" (approx.) New Build Shipping / Storage Container - Dimensions & weights; 

External Length 2991mm
External Width 2438mm
External Height 2591mm
Internal Length 2831mm
Internal Width 2344mm
Internal Height 2376mm
Weight 825kg

At 10ft long (the largest of our small containers) these small 10ft new shipping containers offer a great storage option for motorbikes or mopeds, with the average bike measuring 8ft 2in long - these units provide sufficient internal storage capacity to securely store your bike (or bikes) - of course they can also be used to store anything else you need to keep secure. Small containers such as these are a great alternative for garden storage.

All sizes, dimensions & weights are correct at time of post but can occasionally differ slightly - if you are unsure about anything please contact us.

Custom Length Fabricated Shipping Containers

It is also possible to create smaller length shipping/storage containers by modifying larger containers, longer units such as standard 20ft or 40ft shipping containers can be cut down to the desired length, the end panel or double door panel can then be re-fitted to complete the unit at the desired length. Using this process it is possible to create structurally sound containers at any length from 40ft down to 6ft in length. If you need a specific size container for a specific storage purpose or for a conversion project that you're working on, please get in touch using the form below.

Small Shipping Container Construction

The containers are of new manufacture are built using high quality corrugated steel. Double doors at one end. The flooring is formed from 20mm hardwood. Generally green or blue externally.

These containers are ideal for small areas and tight corners - they are obviously much smaller than a standard 20ft shipping container.

We always have extensive stocks of these containers throughout the UK and are ready for immediate delivery.

Small Container Security

Your container can be provided with a lock box (steel box welded on the double doors to enclose a padlock thus making is less tamper proof), a high-security padlock, painting and many other extras are also available if required.

Due to the base construction material (corrugated steel), these units offer a significant security improvement over a standard (wood) garden shed. 

Small Container Delivery

Unless otherwise specified, we will typically deliver your shipping container on a HIAB assisted vehicle (we will lift the container to the ground where you need it), click here for more information on our delivery process. Please be sure to provide us with your delivery post code on the enquiry form.

As these containers are smaller than standard 20ft or 40ft shipping containers we often deliver - we may opt to deliver them to you on a flatbed and locate the container using a forklift. If you have any specific requirements for locating your container on site - such as restricted access, or you are wanting to locate the container a significant distance from where the truck/trailer can access, please ensure you make us aware of this during the enquiry.

Please contact us on the enquiry form below and we will send a quotation based on all available options for comparison.

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Our range of small New Build Containers - perfect for secure storage!

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