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Shipping container converted with personnel doors and fitted windows

The Conversion Brief

Most Common Conversion – A Breakdown of jobs that have been converted to have Personnel Doors and Windows Fitted. We will discuss the features of each product and the security behind them, and how we fit them to the shipping container. 

Conversion Process

We have done a wide range of client shipping container conversions. The jobs range in specification that we follow to make the end product exactly what the client is wanting. We have done jobs with multiple personnel doors and windows needing fitted, from offices to workshops.  

  • Offices  
  • Workshops  
  • Exhibition Stands 
  • Generator Stores 
  • Training Containers 

and many more Conversions that needed Personnel Doors and Windows. 

A lot of the jobs that we do, clients are looking for an alternative to office space or workshops and shipping containers are becoming that alternative for a lot of different reasons. Creating offices with personnel doors and windows as pop up offices easily moved from destination to destination, same as other conversions.   

Personnel Doors

Why get a personnel door? 

A personnel door is a simple piece of equipment that it a very common across a lot of our client’s conversions. With personnel doors being simple but are straight to the point allowing for the client’s workers to gain access through the personnel door rather than using the large double doors on the front of the shipping container. We do a lot of conversions into offices and the inclusion of personnel doors makes the container more appealing as an office than people thinking it’s a shipping container.

It’s not just offices that we fabricate personnel doors onto we have done that for a wide range of different jobs for clients so we can do it for you no matter what you need a personnel door for.

Fitting a personnel door 

To fit a personnel door to one of our shipping containers we are in constant contact with our clients as we are working to their specification so that the job is to how they require it. We use a standard fit personnel door; an aperture is cut out from the shipping container that will fit the personnel door and frame in place. The door is put into place and is spot welded in places to hold it in place until it is fully welded around the cavity to make sure there is no spaces left that will let moisture through. Once the frame has been welded in place to the shipping container there is just the finishing touches that need to be done.

If there are any rough edges, they will be grinded down, the door will have its floor plate added and trim to make the personnel door wind and water tight. The lock will be added to the door and the frame of the personnel door so the shipping container can be locked and unlocked from both sides. To finish off the personnel door the frame that has been welded to the container panel will have silicon added to hide away the weld.

Now you have a Personnel door fitted, we have done a lot of personnel doors in our conversions if you are looking for a conversion that needs a personnel door enquiry with us today.

Features of our Personnel doors

  • 10 Point Locking System
  • 5 Pin anti-drill cylinder
  • Stainless steel lever handles
  • Anti-jimmy studs
  • Stainless steel ‘anti-knockout’ hinges
  • Stainless steel threshold
  • Weatherproof locking bolt grommet
  • Weatherproof rubber seal system

Windows Fitted

Fitting a window 

To fit our larger windows in the container conversion an aperture is cut out at the desired area at the height from the specifications that we are given. Once the space has been cut the window will be put in place and will be welded along the aperture. Once the window is finished it is finished with silicon to give it the finishing touches and you have a window fitted.

Types of windows 

The windows that we fit in our shipping container conversions can come in either single or double glazing, that come with sliding glass panelling and flip catch on each panel for opening and closing.

For security on your windows you can add a window shutter that will increase the security on your windows.


Locks on doors and locks on windows

The personnel doors that we use are very secure for security.

  • 10 Point Locking System
  • 5 Pin anti-drill cylinder
  • Anti-jimmy studs
  • Stainless steel ‘anti-knockout’ hinges

Shutters (for windows)

With the windows that we use you will be able to lock the windows from the inside with a small lock built into the windows handle (Larger windows). However, to add more security to the windows shutters can be added that will make them more secure.

  • Heavy duty flush mounted alloy finger-bolts that have galvanised steel locking bolts
  • Stainless steel ‘anti-knockout’ hinges
  • Ant-jimmy studs

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