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Internal Shelving Container Conversions

The Conversion Brief

Most Common Conversion – Internal shelving incorporated into a shipping container are primarily used for storage for tools office equipment and archive storage. They can be wood shelving or metal shelving that can be manufactured to your desired size.

Conversion Process

The main use for a shipping container to be converted to have internal shelving is for storage. Either in wood or metal depending on what they are going to be storing on them, so if you are storing heavier items metal shelving will be a more suited measure for storage. *(Price does increase from wood shelving to Metal shelving)

Being able to use this style of conversion it is chosen and incorporated in various container conversions that we have done.

  • Office conversions - For offices conversions internal shelving can help with storing customer files, so it can be incorporated into our office container conversions.
  • Workshops - A lot of workshop shipping container conversions we had fabricated have asked for internal shelving in metal for storing tools or work that is being done.
  • Commercial Use – Having a lot of stock for a business, using internal shelving will allow the client to store their stock and be able to get in and out the container and have all the stock categorised on the shelving for easy distribution throughout the container.
  • Storage - This can be for business use and can be public use as having everything that you have in the shipping container off the ground and easier to find on a shelf, rather than searching through boxes and boxes.
  • Archiving - Having internal shelving inside a shipping container can be used for archiving- invoices or business transactions. (We use internal shelving for this)

There is a lot of container conversions that we have done that have internal shelving that aids in various scenarios and if you are looking for something like this give us a call on 0844 561 7975 and get a quote from us about internal shelving in a shipping container conversion.

Metal Shelving

You can get full metal shelving that a lot of conversions that we do like chemical stores and some workshops will need full metal shelving in case of spillages, resulting in no damage to the surface (where as a wood shelves untreated will absorb any spillages). The frame will be welded to the sides of the container and will be bolted to the floor of the container, it will have metal work tops that will be welded in place on top of the frame work. 

Wood Shelving

There are two forms of wood shelving, there is full wood shelving that will have wood framing that will be bolted to the floor. They will either come with full wood pieces for the shelves and items to be stored on them, or wood slats can be used that will take away some of the weight away from the shelves. (commonly used for archiving) 

Other than that, it could be a combination of wood and metal shelves. This is a metal frame work that will be welded and bolted in place to make sure they are secure; the metal frame will be fabricated with a lip. The wood would be cut down to size and fit into the frame.  

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