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Container converted for public event – LUMIERE 2015

Key Facts

Size: 20ft new ‘one trip’ standard and tunnel shipping containers
Use: Art installation
Location: County Durham
Project Length: 1 week

The Conversion Brief

UK’s premier Public Light Festival – Lumiere in-partnership with Durham Sixth Form contacted us regarding using 9no. new ‘one trip’ shipping containers as part of an art installation, that was seen by 150,000 visitors to the event.

Lumiere is one of the UK’s premier Public Light Festivals that is held in London and Durham in the North East the festival takes place in the winter months when the dark nights are upon us and perfect for such an event. The event receives 150,000+ viewers to the Durham Lumiere event and when we were asked if we could sponsor the Event in our local Durham, we took the opportunity straight away. The idea to be incorporated with such an event and helping out the local area and the 150,000+ viewers that would see our shipping containers.

We were approached by Durham Sixth Form College who were working with Story Box and Durham Lumiere about a possible Art installation in our local area of Durham. The project was titled ‘Precious’ and had pre-recorded stories from the public from the surrounding area and throughout the country. The stories were about an item chosen by the interviewee that has a meaning behind it. Something that has sentimental value, an item that brings back memories of events, friends or family members past and present.

The project was 9no. 20ft New ‘One Trip’ shipping containers that were converted internally, the external did not get changed. The containers were stacked in three rows of three, three were left closed and three were opened for the display. The internal conversion was electrics fitted and shelving to house all the equipment for the projectors and equipment.

Working together with Durham Sixth Form, Lumiere, a team of container lifters and our delivery drivers the project was a huge success and was viewed by 150,000 visitors to Durham Lumiere.

Conversion breakdown

For this art installation there was no modifications to the body of the container but to showcase the versatility of shipping containers.

  • The art installation included
    • 20ft new ‘one trip’ tunnel shipping containers.
    • 20ft new ‘one trip shipping containers.
  • The cargo doors on 6no. tunnels were pinned back.
    • Internally there was a screen installed that was projected onto.
  • Internally there was 3tier shelving installed to house the equipment for the show.
  • The containers were stacked in a 3 x 3 grid reference.

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