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40ft and 20ft Shipping Container Shot Blasting Facility

Key Facts

Size: 20ft new ‘one trip high cube shipping container & 40ft new ‘one trip’ high cube tunnel container
Use: Shot blasting container
Location: County Durham
Project Length: 4 weeks

The Conversion Brief

Our client needed an additional space onsite for an in-house shock blasting facility, we converted 1no. 20ft high cube and 1no. 40ft high cube tunnel container and joined them onsite for the client to fit their shock blasting equipment.

Breakdown of the Project

A local car manufacturer to our Sedgefield base required a container conversion solve an issue for sending parts off site to be shot blasted. To decrease production time, they wanted to bring this process on site and modifying containers to were the solution. We received detailed CAD drawings for a 20ft high cube new ‘one trip’ and a 40ft new one trip high cube tunnel container.

The containers were moved into our workshop and were modified separate to be joined later on site. The fabrication work included removing one side of the corrugated 20ft side as well as 20ft corrugation from the 40ft tunnel container. Further modifications included a medication to the cargo doors on the 40ft for safe exit for employees and a personnel door installed in the 20ft containers 8ft corrugated panel. Along the remaining 40ft corrugated panel we installed 4no. 1000mm x 1000mm vents to increase ventilation during the shot blasting process. Along the top of the containers there was additional brackets attached and specified at 10ft intervals that will have railings attached later onsite by the customer.

The customer and their team met us onsite, where they brought their parts to build their shot blasting facility inside the container. Once every part was installed the containers were transported to site using our local haulier after they had to go through a safety and site survey and provide the various documentation before they were able to deliver.

Onsite we were unable to use welding equipment onsite due to safety procedures, so the containers were bolted together and a rubber gasket was installed to prevent any water ingress. The conversion was completed in 4 weeks from confirmation of order.

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Conversion breakdown

Below is a breakdown for the modifications that took place for the 40ft and 20ft shipping container shot blasting facility.

  • 40ft new ‘one trip’ high cube tunnel shipping container and 1no. 20ft new ‘one trip’ high cube shipping container.
    • 40ft new ‘one trip’ high cube tunnel shipping container modifications.
      • 20ft of one of the left-hand 40ft corrugated side panel removed.
        • Dressed off the edges.
      • 4no. 1000mm x 1000mm apertures cut out the right-hand 40ft side. Near the cargo doors horizontally.
      • Fitted with 4no. louver vents.
      • Additional box section added to the top edges of the container as specified by the client – (10ft spacing along one side panels).
      • The original double doors modified for internal opening and locking.

20ft new ‘one trip’ high cube shipping container modifications.

      • Full right-hand corrugated side panel removed.
        • Dressed off the edges.
      • Emergency access personnel door fitted in the rear 8ft of the container
      • Additional box section added to the top edges of the container as specified by the client. – (10ft spacing along one side panel).
      • Holes cut in the side of the remaining 20ft side – specified locations from client for cable entry.
    • The containers were delivered to site and bolted together.
    • Rubber gasket fitted to prevent water ingress.
    • Container was touched up with matching colour where welding took place.

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