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2no. 40ft high cubes containers converted for multi-rig fire training units

Key Facts

Size: 2no. 40ft new ‘one trip’ high cube shipping containers
Use: Multi-rig fire training and confined training container
Project Length: 8 weeks

The Conversion Brief

Our client had initially approached us having been impressed at seeing a similar fire training container conversion we had previously carried out. They wanted similar modifications but with 2no. 40ft shipping container stacked on top of each other.

Breakdown of the Project

It is fair to say this was our biggest conversion project of 2015! Our client in Suffolk had initially approached us having been impressed at seeing a similar fire training container conversion we had previously carried out. The client required a Multi-Rig training unit for onsite personnel. After weeks of planning a complex design to the customer requirements we were ready to make a start on the units.

We formed the units from 2no. 40ft high cube new ‘one trip’ shipping containers (extra height was critical to get all the components inside). The ground floor was fitted with a confined space crawl maze, which consisted of 8no. Individual compartments that you need to climb through from the ground to the top and subsequently into the first-floor container above. We also fitted various partitions, ladders and steps to gain alternative access to the first floor. The container was fitted with fire exit doors.

The first-floor container was fitted with partitions and a large open space for additional training. The first-floor container had a ladder fitted to gain access to the roof of the container. The container roof could be accessed internally from the first-floor container or externally via a large ladder. We fitted railings across the container roof for safety. The container roof was fitted with steel chequer plate to act as flooring & supported from the first-floor ceiling. The units were painted internally in black (client wanted these as dark as possible so personnel had to feel their way around the units whilst in training) and externally in dark green. Emergency lighting was fitted throughout.

See a video below showing the job from start to finish.

Conversion breakdown

  • 2no. 40ft new ‘one trip’ high cube shipping containers – (40ft x 8ft 9ft 6”).
    • Stacked on top of each other to form 40ft x 8ft x 19ft.
    • Customer requested the high cube container configurations as it was critical to fit equipment into.
  • External ladder and framework installed to the exterior left-hand panel, including rooftop area.
    • Including safety railings.
    • Painted in yellow.
  •  In the base container there was an internal confined crawl space maze installed.
    • 8no. individual compartments.
    • Built from 50mm box section with welded sheet metal.
    • Various partitions, ladders and steps installed to simulate different aspects of the training.
    • On the right-hand panel the container was fitted with an emergency fire exit door.
  • Between the 2 containers hatches were installed so the participant was able to move between the 2 units.
  • In the first-floor container there was a steel partition installed.
    • A ladder and hatch were installed internally to move from the first-floor onto the roof.
    • Also, there was a large open space where they were able to conduct further training.
  • The roof had chequer plate flooring added.
  • Externally the containers were painted green – RAL 6007.
  • Internally the crawl spaces were also painted black – RAL9005, to make it as dark as possible.
  • Throughout the container there were multiple emergency lighting installed at various points.

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