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2no. 16ft shipping container conversion

Key Facts

Size: 16ft containers cut down from 20ft new ‘one trip’ shipping containers
Use: Interior design exhibition container

The Conversion Brief

We were approached from an Interior Design Company that was looking at using shipping containers as a way to exhibit their interiors at different locations. 2no. 20ft shipping containers were cut down to 16ft and modified to their specification, the client fitted out the containers.

Breakdown of the Project

An interior design company approached us to supply 2no. 16ft shipping containers with apertures for use as meeting rooms.

Shipping containers come in 20ft sizes as standard, so we needed to cut down to 16ft length but had to re-weld the original ISO frame back into position so the units didn’t appear to be modified to the untrained eye!

We cut 2no. apertures along one side & 1no. large aperture in the opposite side, dressed with steel box section. The client later fitted windows & French doors within the apertures.

Units finished in customers preferred bright orange colours.

Conversion breakdown

  • 2no. 16ft new container cut down from a 20ft new ‘one trip’ shipping container – (16ft x 8ft x 8ft 6”).
    • The original ISO frame from the 20ft size was welded to create the 16ft length.
    • (Customer requested ISO corners).
  • In the left-hand 16ft corrugated panel an aperture of 2350mm x 3050mm was cut out to create a large opening.
    • Dressed with 50mm box section.
    • (Customer was installing French doors once on site).
  • On the right-hand 16ft corrugated panel 2no. apertures were cut (one at each side).
    • Dressed with 50mm box section.
    • (Customer was fitting glass panels once on site).
  • In the centre of the right hand 16ft corrugated panel a letterbox aperture was cut.
    • The aperture was brushed back.
    • Aperture was for cable entry of the internal display.
  • Externally the container was sprayed to match the displays interior design colour scheme.
  • Internally the container was sprayed in white – RAL9010.
    • The internal corrugated panel opposite the aperture for the French doors was sprayed to match the external colour.
  • Once the containers were delivered to site, they were fitted out by the team at the interior design company.
  • The above modifications were identical across both containers.

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