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20ft forensic investigation unit

Key Facts

Size: 20ft new ‘one trip’ shipping container
Use: Office Container
Location: North East
Project Length:

The Conversion Brief

Our client who worked for a forensic company was exploring the option of a shipping container, after speaking with the team we created a 20ft container split internally for storage and everyday use. There were external and internal modifications done for this conversion. 

Breakdown of the Project

We were approach by the council who had a requirement for an office container complete with a secure area for storage of forensics.  

We took a 20ft new ‘one trip’ shipping container & fitted a personnel access door & 1no. window w/ shutters. We fitted a secure mesh partition across the back of the unit for storage of forensics. The front 15ft of the unit was lined & insulated internally as the unit will be in everyday use carrying out forensic investigations. Electrics fitted throughout.  

A simple enough modification that has provided a secure environment for this important confidential material.   

Conversion breakdown

  • 1no. 20ft new ‘one trip’ shipping container – 20ft x 8ft x 8ft6”.
  • Along the left-hand 20ft corrugated side 1no. steel personnel door was installed along with a sliding 1000mm x 1000mm window with secure shutters.
    • Aperture was dressed with 50mm box section.
  • Internally the container was split – 15ft office space and 5ft secure storage.
  • The 15ft office had the below modifications.
    • 9mm melamine boarding over 50mm rockwool insulation.
      • Also, on the back of the cargo doors 9mm melamine boards were attached.
    • Internal surface mounted electrics fitted throughout the container including.
      • 2no. strip lights located in the front 15ft space.
      • 2no. double sockets.
      • 1no. electric heater.
    • Vinyl flooring spanning the 15ft.
  • The 5ft secure storage space was not modified.
  • Between the two sections was a fabricated steel mesh partition.
    • A single access mesh door was installed with secure locking mechanism.
  • Externally the container was touched up with matching paint where welding had taken place.

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