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20ft Container Converted into 10ft for Display Purposes

Key Facts

Size: Bespoke container length
Use: Display/exhibition/office container
Project Length:

The Conversion Brief

A very strange shipping container conversion but we will build to your specification. The client wanted a 20ft shipping container modified to show a 10ft shipping container, this was to hide unsightly goods behind the false 20ft container wall.

So, how do we describe this one?

Our client, an interior design company in the Midlands approached us with some drawings to convert a 20ft container down to a 10ft size container but keeping one of the original 20ft side walls so it gives the impression of a 20ft container inside the warehouse. The reason behind this was the area behind the ‘false wall’ has skips/ bins, which are unsightly and these could be hidden as the warehouse is high-end and being an interior design company, they wanted to keep it looking tidy.

We had to remove the back wall/ half the roof & half the side wall from the unit. We re-welded the back wall in to position at 10ft length so when you walk through the double doors, you would see the unit as an original 10ft container. Various bracing points were required during transit. We cut a ‘D shape’ aperture within the unit, which the client later fitted with glazing. The 10ft area is now used as a meeting room within the warehouse.

Conversion breakdown

  • Using a 20ft new ‘one trip’ shipping container – 20ft x 8ft x 8ft 6”.
    • The container was modified by having the roof, left-hand 20ft panel, container flooring was cut-down to 10ft.
    • The rear 8ft corrugated panel was re-welded in the new position.
  • A new lifting eye was welded in place at the 10ft position.
  • Box section angle was welded to add additional strength and support.
  • Along the 20ft corrugated panel a specific design aperture was cut, the aperture half a circle.
    • The aperture was dressed with 6mm steel.
  • Externally the colour was sprayed to match the other conversions they also ordered.

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