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10ft New High Cube Catering Container for Design Associates

Key Facts

Size: 10ft new high cube container cut-down from a larger container
Use: Catering container
Location: London
Project Length: 4-weeks

The Conversion Brief

A 10ft High Cube Catering Container Modification. For this conversion project, the fabrication involved adding a roller shutter to enable the full catering counter to be displayed when the unit was in operation, adding a personnel door to replace standard container/cargo doors. The unit was then lined and insulated internally. Finally, the catering equipment along with electrics was installed to complete the unit.

Breakdown of the Project

Along with [link for the other project] we were also asked to produce a second catering container for the design associates, for this project the requirement was for a 10ft catering container. However, the client requested a high cube which we formed by cutting down a larger container, the main request was that the cut-down container had ISO corner casts. We received CAD drawings for the team at the design associates and started the modifications to the cut down 10ft high cube container.

The drawings specified an aperture cut from the right hand 10ft corrugated panel and an internally mounted steel galvanised roller shutter installed. Behind the shutter would be the central serving point for the catering container, we also fabricated a steel fold up hatch that acted as a rain cover when the container was in use that was assisted by gas struts.

A single personnel door was installed in the rear 8ft for access for employees. We internally timber framed the container and inserted 50mm rockwool insulation and as the customer request applied 9mm grey melamine lining. The final internal fit out was completed by the team at the design agency as they had a specific design to follow on site.

Conversion Breakdown

  • 1no. 20ft new ‘one trip’ high cube shipping container cut-down to create a 10ft high cube.
  • The container was fitted with a new corrugated panel to the rear with ISO corner casts.
  • The cargo doors were removed and replaced with a new corrugated panel.
  • 1no. steel personnel door with 10-point locking mechanism fitted.
  • Large aperture cut out of the right hand 10ft side corrugated panel.
  • Internally mounted galvanised steel roller shutter.
  • External mounted lift up rain cover with assisted by gas struts.
  • Internally lined with 9mm melamine lining, over 50mm rock wool insulation.
  • Internal electrics throughout including:
    • Spot lights.
    • Multiple double sockets.
  • Externally resprayed to clients specified colour.

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